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"Father of American Missions"
Adoniram Judson
the most famous pioneer of the colonial times
Danial Boone
one of the best known circuit-riding preachers
Peter Cartwright
"Father of Western African Missions"
Lott Carey
black preacher who ministered in Civil War hospitals
John Jasper
the woman reponsible for New York City's first Sunday school program
Catherine Ferguson
leader of the "haystack prayer meetings"
Samuel J. Mills
Man who wrote the first major American dictionary
Noah Webster
Shoshone Indian guide for Lewis and Clark
America's first missionary to a foreign land
George Liele
purchase of 1803 that more than doubled the size of the United States
Louisiana Purchase
General Sam Houston captured Santa Anna and the Mexican army at the Battle of
San Jacinto
In what year did America declare war on England because they were kidnapping American sailors?
the state that was once an independant country
American general responsible for the victory at the Battle of New Orleans was
Andrew Jackson
as a result of this war Mexico accepted the Rio Grande as the border between Mexico and Texas
Mexican War
Where was gold discovered in 1848
The Whitman's were the most famous missionaries to
Commodore Matthew Perry was responsible for opening American trade with
the first Baptist missionary to Japan
Jonathan Goble
The trail blazed by Daniel Boone for pioneers headed west is called the
Wilderness Road
Freedom of religion and protection to those settling in the Northwest Territory was guaranteed by the
Northwest Ordinance
deserted towns left after gold miners had moved on were called
ghost towns
gold miners in the California gold rush were called
the first major man-made canal in the United States was the
Erie Canal
preachers who traveled from town to town preaching in areas that had no pastor were called
circuit-riding preachers
the most heroic and best- remembered battle in Texas's struggle for independance was at the
the treaty that officially ended the War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
America's greatest contribution to the field of music is the
the group that introduced the spirituals to the Northern states and Europe was
Fisk Jubilee Singers
author of a children's reading series used in America in the 1800s
William McGuffey
one of the beloved hymn writers of the 1800s
Isaac Watts
the President responsible for obtaining the Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson
the purchase that makes up the states of California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado
Mexican Cession
the prchase that makes up the southern parts of the states of New Mexico and Arizona
Gadsen Purchase
Describe the life of a circuit-riding preacher.
See text p. 165
Be able to discuss a pioneers preparation to move West, routes they took, and types of vehicles used to travel.
See text p. 162-163, also the Wilderness Road on p.161
Be able to locate: Arkansas, Ohio, Snake, Madeira, and Parana Rivers; also Gulf of Panama, Angel Falls, Gulf of Tahuantepec, Niagara Falls, and Labrador Sea
Review map skills page 31, 59