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Russia, name the form of government
Germany, name the form of govenment
Nazism (National Socialism)
Japan, name the form of government
Italy, name the form of government
Name the form of government associated with Tojo.
Name the form of government which takes over businesses, homes, and land.
In which type of govenmant is the leader is all powerful and more important than the people of the country?
Nazism (National Socialism)
In which form of government are some groups of people are considered inferior?
Which form of government allows people to own property, but lose their freedoms?
Joseph Stalin is associated with ___.
Benito Mussolini is associated with ____.
Adolf Hitler is associated with ___.
What became a growing problem after Nazism was defeated?
What organization was formed at the end of World War II to help settle worlds problems?
United Nations
Name the Communist leader who took over China after World War II.
Maw Zedong
What Asian country was controlled by the Soviet Union in the north and the United States in the South?
movement of a group of people or animals from one place to another
term ofr permanently frozen ground
modern explorer was the first to rach the mainland of North America
John Cabot
Indian group that formed the League of Five Nations
translated Bible for Indians"Apostle to the Indians"
John Eliot
Longest river in United States
term given to the group of people who wanted to separate from the Church of England
American patriot that took Fort Ticonderoga
Ethan Allen
During which war was the Battle of Britain fought?
World WarII
"Remember the Maine"
Spanish-American War
the Monitor and the Merrimac
Civil War
Which war is V-E Day associated with?
World War II
During which war was the Zimmerman Note sent?
World War I
The bombing of Pearl Harbor occured during which war?
World War II
Battle of Gettysburgh
Civil war
November 11, 1918 is significant to which war?
World War I
the Rough Riders
Spanish-American War
Emancipation Proclamation
Civil War
When were U-boats used?
World War I
During which war did the first use of atomic bombs occur?
World War II
Battle of Vicksburgh
Civil War
When did the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand happen?
World War I
During which war did the Holocaust occur?
World War II
blacl educator who founded Teskegee Institute
Booker T. Washington
inventor of the light bulb
Thomas Edison
inventor of telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
man who developed assembly line
Henry Ford
Botanist who found 285 uses for the peanut
George Washington Carver
America's most famous evangelist during the 19th century
Dwight L. Moody
inventor of the first successful steamboat
Robert Fulton
"Angel of the Battlefield" and founder of Red Cross
Clara Barton
inventor of the telegraph
Samuel Morse
inventor of the first liquid- fuel rocket
Robert H. Goddard
inventor of the mechanical reaper
Cyrus McCormick