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the day we honor all those who have fought for our country in any war or served in our armed forces, Nov. 11
Veteran's Day
Germany's underwater boats
toy made in honor of Theodore Roosevelt
teddy bear
statement of loyalty to America
Pledge of Allegiance
people who affirm the truth of the Bible
the first black American woman to head a federal agency
Mary McLeod Bethune
the 16 white battleships that President Roosevelt sent on a world tour
Great White Fleet
name of the famous mail train that traveled between New York and Chicago in 24 hours
fast train
the difficult years of 1929-1939
Great Depression
country that was the largest industrial nation in the early 1900's
United States
led first successful expedition to the North Pole
Robert Peary
famous railroad engineer
Casey Jones
British Naturalist who rejected the scriptures and developed the theory of evolution
Charles Darwin
Standard time was instituted by
then the life expectancy of men in 1900's was
letter promised Mexico part of the United States if it fought with Germany in World War I
Zimmerman Note
said,"The world must be safe for democracy".
woodrow Wilson
invented the wireless telegraph
Guglielmo Marconi
Woeld War I ended on this date
November 11, 1918
President who created jobs during the Great Depression
Fraklin D. Roosevelt
over 100 Americans died when this ship sank before United Stated joined World war I
said,"The strength of the nation depends on the character of the people".
Calvin Coolidge
lawyer who won the Scopes trial against evolution
Williwm Jennings Bryan
professor who gave radio talks about the truth of the Bible and the falseness of modernism
J. Gresham Machen
"Speak softly and carry a big stick"
Theodore Roosevelt
dates of World War I
ruler of Germany who was largely responsible for starting World war I
Kaiser Wilhelm II
insident that served as an excuse for the beginning of world War I
assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
countries that sided with Germany in World War I were
Central Powers
President during World War I
Woodrow Wilson
countries that sided against Germany in World War I
Allied Powers
"Unsinkable" ocean liner that sand off the coast of Newfoundland in 1912
man that was not a defender of the Bible
Charles Darwin
group of countries that won World War I
Allied Powers
action which proved that Germany was a threat to the United States as well as to Europe
sending of the Zimmerman Note
Be able to discuss three accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt.
See text p. 226-230
Find on a map:
Bhama, Falkland, Victoria & Galpagos Islands; Chihuahuan Desert; Lesser Antilles; Patagonia;Pico Duarte; Mountains: Aconcagua, Elbert, Mitchell St. Helens, Whitney, & Mauna Kea