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cotton gin
Eli Whitney
gas mask
Garrett A. Morgan
mechanical reaper
Cyrus McCormick
Liquid-fuel rocket
Robert Goddard
steam boat
Robert Fulton
Henry Ford
Samuel Morse
Wilber and Orville Wright
Alexander Graham Bell
electric light bulb
Thomas Eddison
the law which gave 160 acres of land to families settling parts of the west
homestead act
sections of land set aside by the government for Indian tribes are called
one of the greatest land rushes was in what is now the state of
a person who leaves his own country to make his home in another is
America's oil industry was organized by
John D. Rockefeller
the steel industry was brought to America by
Andrew Carnegie
the man who developed the assembly line method of production
Henry Ford
the system of dots and dashes used to send messages over the telegraph
morse code
Russian America eventually became the state of
"Remember the Maine"became a slogan during
the Spanish-American War
the leader of the Rough Riders was
Theodore Roosevelt
the territory that became our fiftieth state was
the first battle of the Civil War in 1861 began at
Ft. Sumter
why was the battle of Vicksburg important
the Union army cut the South in two by gaining control of the Mississippi River
one of the most famous leaders of the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
the Union's ironclad ship was
the Monitor
what was one immediate result of the Emancipation Proclamation
there was no longer any chance that England would help the South
the general who became commander of all Union armies in 1864
Ulysses S. Grant
the turning point of the Civil War was the Battle of
the Union general whose "march to the sea" hastened the end of the war was
William T. Sherman
the capital of the Confederate states was
Richmond, Virginia
the President of the Confederacy was
Jefferson Davis
what happened in Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, on April 9, 1865
Lee surrendered to Grant
the 16th United Stated President was
Abraham Lincoln
what is John Wilkes Booth remembered for
shot President Lincoln
in 1860 mail began being carried quickly across the United States for 19 months by the
pony express
Clara Barton is remembered for
founding the American Red Cross
What is D.L. Moody is famous for
America's most famous evangelist during the 19th century
Booker T. Washington founded the
Tuskegee Institute
whose lab was known as "God's Little Workshop"
George Wahington
two important crops to the economy of the South were tobacco and
the southern states that left the Union formed their own nation, the________ of America
Confederate States
the system of escape routes and hiding places developed to help slaves flee to freedom
Underground Railroad
a decision that tries to stisfy both sides of an argument is called a
people who spent much of time trying to outlaw slavery were called