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When Columbus discovered America,
why did he call the people there "Indians"?
He thought he was near India.
What were "tepees"?
tents made by stretching animal skins over poles
TRUE/FALSE (if FALSE DO NOT write false,
just change the incorrect word (capitalized)
to the correct word):

______MOST Native Americans lived in tepees.
this is NOT TRUE.
Change the word MOST to the word FEW.
TRUE/FALSE (if FALSE DO NOT write false,
just change the incorrect word (capitalized)
to the correct word):

The Native Americans had ALWAYS called
themselves "Indians", even before Columbus came.
this is NOT TRUE.
Change the word ALWAYS to the word NEVER.
Most Native Americans travelled by _________.
What were "bullboats"?
boats made by stretching buffalo
skins over a round frame
What was a popular winter game
played by Northern Indians?
Who gave the Native Americans the name "Indians"?
What caused the greatest change
in the Indians' way of life?
the gospel
What was the missionary's name
who translated the Bible into
the Indians' own language?
John Eliot
What missionary started his own
colony and treated the Indians fairly?
Roger Williams
What missionary died at age 29 as a
result of taking the gospel to the Indians?
David Brainerd
What was the name of the famous
preacher from England who came to
bring the gospel to the Indians?
John Wesley
Who developed the Cherokee alphabet?
What did Sequoya call the Cherokee alphabet?
What Native American was named the
greatest athlete of the century in 1950?
Jim Thorpe