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What do we call a person who leaves
his own country to live in another country?
_______ ________ was a brilliant
lawyer who became one of America's
greatest revival preachers.
Charles Finney
_______ ________ was America's
most famous evangelist.
Dwight Moody
_______ ________ was an evangelist
who had once been a famous baseball star
Billy Sunday
________ _______ was America's
first missionary to a foreign land
George Leile
___ _______ _______ developed the
method to make steel.
Sir Henry Bessemer
________ _________ brought
the steel industry to America
and made millions of dollars
in the steel industry.
Andrew Carnegie
_______ __ ________ organized the
oil industry in America.
John D Rockefeller
_________ ________ invented the
first successful steamboat.
Robert Fulton
The first successful steamboat
was named the ___________.
The ______ ______ was a mail route
from St. Joseph, Missouri to
Sacramento, California that
opened in 1860.
Pony Express
________ ________ invented the telegraph
Samuel Morris
the system of dots and dashes
used to send telegrams is
called the ____ _____.
Morse Code
________ ________ _______ invented
the telephone.
Alexander Graham Bell
What words did Alexdander Graham Bell
first speak over the telephone?
Mr. Watson, come here; I want you!
Who invented the light bulb
and the phonograph?
Thomas Edison
Where was Thomas Edison's invention
factory or laboratory?
Menlo Park, New Jersey
Did Henry Ford invent the
first automobile?
What was Henry Ford's dream?
To make an inexpensive car that
nearly everyone could afford.
What did Henry Ford invent to help
make his autos quickly and cheaply?
the assembly line
Who was the shoe salesman who
became a famous evangelist
and started a Bible Institute
that was named after him?
Dwight Moody
Who was one of the very first
missionaries who preached many
years to the people of Burma?
Adoniram Judson
Who invented the first successful airplane?
Orville Wright
Who launched the first successful
liquid-fuel rocket?
Robert Goddard
Who was the black inventor who
invented the first shoe-lasting machine?
Jan Matzeliger
Who invented the first
traffic signal with red,
yellow, and green lights?
Garrett Morgan