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Our ________ helps us to know right from wrong
We are not at peace with God, ourselves, and others when we _____.
Reconciliation is a sacrament of ___________.
The_________ is a prayer of sorrow.
Act of Contrition
Telling our sins to the priest in the sacrament of Reconciliation is ____________.
A prayer or kind act we do to make up for our sins is a ___________.
God's forgiveness of our sins by the priest in the sacrament of Reconciliation is ____________.
When we are sorry for our sins and we promise not to sin again it is called _____________.
The word eucharist means to ___________.
give thanks
The celebration of the eucharist is called the ______________.
Jesus wants us to ___________ and celebrate what he did at the last supper.
Th Mass is a _____________ and a meal.
As __________ we are joined to Jesus Christ and to one another.
members of the Church
Sunday is the Lord's Day because ___________.
Jesus rose to new life on this day
The ________ leads the assembly in Mass.
At the beginning of mass, we ___________.
ask for God's forgiveness
A prayer in which we say what we believe as Christians is the _________.
Our response to the first and second readings is _______________.
"Thanks be to God"
A prayer in which we pray for the needs of others is the ________.
prayer of the faithful
The first reading is always taken from _______________.
the Old Testament
Our response to the gospel reading is ______________.
"Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ"
The second main part of mass is the __________.
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ during the _____________.
eucharistic prayer
The most important prayer of the mass is the___________.
eucharistic prayer
We begin the Liturgy of the Eucharist by____________.
preparing the altar
After we pray the ___________,
we are invited to share in the eucharist.
Lamb of God
In the Eucharist we celebrate what Jesus did __________.
at the Last Supper
We recieve the Body and the Blood of Christ in __________.
Holy Communion
At the beginning of the mass, we gather as a community.

True or False?
The mass is only a meal.

True or False?
Another name for the Eucharist is the ______________.
The Blessed Sacrament
Another name for the Blessed Sacrament is the_____________.
The Eucharist
The Blessed Sacrament is kept in a special place in the church called the ______.
A______________ near the tabernacle reminds us that Jesus is really present in the Blessed Sacrament.
special light or candle
Jesus is really present in the Blessed Sacrament

True or False?
The Blessed Sacrament (Eucharist) does what to all those who receive it?
Gospel means what?
Good news
another word for good news is ____________________.
After the gospel, the priest or deacon talks about the readings at Mass. In this talk, he helps us to understand the readings. This talk is called________.
the Homily
The talk given by the priest or deacon that helps us understand the readings and how we are to live.
the Homily
When the deacon or priest says "The Gospel of the Lord" we respond_____________
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ
The second reading from the mass is from the ______________.
New Testament
The New Testament contains the teachings of the _______________
At the end of the first and second reaidnings the readier says "The word of the Lord"
We respond:___________
Thanks be to God
After the first reading, we sing a song of praise which is called a _____________
The first main part of the Mass whe we listen to God's word is called_______________
Liturgy of the Word
A psalm is________________
a song of praise from the Bible
The Liturgy of the Word is the second part of the Mass-- True or False?

It's the first part of the Mass.
At Mass we listen to how many readings from the Bible?
The four books in the New Testament are called gospels. They are:
Matthew Mark Luke and John