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He was a Polish astronomer in the 15th and 16th centuries
Nicolaus Copernicus
This was a special Church court that investigated writings of some scientists....
Did Copernicus discover that the sun revolved around the earth or that the earth revolved around the sun?
The earth revolved around the sun.
The German professor who persuaded Copernicus to publish his findings....
His invention included a glass tube and mercury....
Gabriel Fahrenheit
This person experimented with steam as a source of power...
James Watt
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek developed this invention....
This was the inventor of the cotton gin....
Eli Whitney
A main cause in the increased size and number of cities....
Factories were built
This is what a capitalist does...
Provides money to a company in hopes of making more money
This, said King James I of England, was the source of a monarch's power....
The replacement of the headless King Charles I
Oliver Cromwell
Author of "On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies
Galileo was from this country...
This man proved that objects of 2 different sizes fall at the same speed...
Who timed a pendulum with his pulse?
Which of these people believed in the heliocentric veiw of the Solar System:
Copernicus and Galileo
The Inquisition did or did not force Galileo to retract his statements about the Solar System....
This was the type of government England had in the early 1600's....
TRUE-FALSE It was common practice to pay all factory workers the same wage.
Author of the book "Hard Times", about a factory town...
Charles Dickens
England had this type of government in the late 1600's...
constitutional monarchy
Ascended to the English throne after the Glorious Revolution....
William and Mary
The Industrial Revolution raised or lowered the standard of living...
Name the capitalist who supplied James Watt with money...
Matthew Boulton
The first major act of the French Revolution was...
the attack on the Bastille
The law-making body of England...
He took over the French government in 1799...
Napoleon Bonaparte
The name of Napoleon's first wife
King James II of England purposely dropped the Great Seal of the Kingdom into this river...
Thames River
TRUE-FALSE...The U.S. has a Bill of Rights but England does not.
Napoleon's last battle...
Waterloo is located in this European country...
Suppose you were asked to write about the causes and results of the French Revolution....
Wow, that would be such a great and glorius pleasure...
This was the king that Napoleon replaced....
Louis 16th
If you were standing outside the Bastille, which city would you be in..
Which was less violent...Glorious Revolution or the Reign of Terror?
Glorious Revolution
You read the text, you drew the picture, you saw the video, can you write knowledgably about Napoleon?
Hope so...
Considered Napoleon's greatest mistake...
invading Russia