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From where do we get most of our information about the Ancient Indus River Valley?
From excavating the ruins of those civilizations
Name the 2 ancient cities of the Indus River Valley where historians have gathered information....
Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa
Smaller than a continent but larger than other landmasses...
A subcontinent (such as India)
What in the world is the Hindu Kush?
a mountain range
Where in the world is the Hindu Kush?
Along the northern edge of India.
The early Aryans were:
Germanic tribes
Hindu Kushians
Nomadic peoples
Indus Maximus
Aryans were known to use these in battle:

wooden swords
portable anchors
pointed sticks
The term for the ancient religious chants and hymns we read about...
The language found in the Vedas....
The founder of Buddhism.....
Siddhartha Gautama
Responsible for spreading the teaching of Buddha...
Emperor Asoka
The term for Hindu priests....
This was the system used to divide people into social classes...
Caste system
Most people in India follow this religion...
Chinese legend claims these people invented civilization...
the Good Emperors
The oldest examples of Chinese writings are found on these....
shells and bones
This person developed a model for behavior well-known even today...
The clay army was found in this Emperor's tomb....
Shih Huang-ti
What are Vedas and why are they important to historians?
Gee, what a good essay topic!!!
Can you provide details about the caste system?
If so, you are on your way to a good essay answer.
Are you familiar with the Chinese writing system?
Essay material? Oh, my!
Would knowing the details of the Great Wall of China be helpful in passing the test?
What country is H.G. Wells from?
What did railroad workers find that ended up being clues to the ancient city of Harappa?
a few carved stones
India and Pakistan are located in___________Asia.
True or in ancient Mohenjo-Daro had indoor bathrooms
This material was used in making the toys found in the ancient Indus cities.....
What is considered the greatest unsolved mystery of the ancient Indus people?
the language they spoke
Who gets credit for figuring out how to read the writings of the ancient Indus people?
No one has figured it out.
Aryans invaded the Indian subcontinent from this direction......
from the north
According to legend, who informed Prince Siddhartha about the suffering of people?
the driver of his chariot
When Siddhartha first joined a group of ascetics, he lived in these.....
forest caves
Siddhartha sat under this type of tree, seeking understanding....
a bo tree
Followers of Siddhartha are called this....
What caused King Asoka to denounce war?
death and suffering caused by war
Name 2 things Asoka ordered to be placed along the road for weary travelers....
shade trees and wells
Name the large island off the coast of India where Asoka's children went to spread Buddhism.....
Sri Lanka
What is the religion of most people on the Indian subcontinent?
How was a person's caste determined?
By birth
According to ancient Chinese legend, who invented civilization?
The Good Emperors
Good Emperor Huang-ti was said to be so smart that he learned to talk at this age......
two months
According to legend, what did Shun use as a parachute when he jumped off the burning barn roof?
two straw hats
Greeks believed in oracles; did the ancient Chinese?
Chinese writing contains nearly ______ characters.
Considered the most famous person of ancient China.....
According to Confucius, an oppressive government is worse than a man-eating_______
These many clay figures were found in underground chambers in the 1970's......
The name "China" means...
land of the Ch'in
This Emperor put people to work on The Great Wall...
The name "China" means...
land of the Ch'in