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The term for the areas of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations
nuclear America
Of the Indian civilizations we studied, which is the oldest?
the Maya
During which period were the Pyramids built?
the Classic Period
The period during which the Aztecs were most powerful...
Postclassic Period
The tribal god of the Mexicas....
Hummingbird of the South
The central city of the Aztecs....
The Aztec capital was connected to other cities by these...
The Aztec Empire captured enemies in order to.....
sacrifice them to the gods
According to the Aztec religion.....the main purpose of their life....
to delay the destruction of the world
Which group in Aztec society had the most power?
In Aztec society, commoners were organized into ......
What were pochtecas?
The largest Maya city....
What was the purpose of the Maya pyramid?
religious temples
Each Maya god required...
special ceremonies
How did Maya priests use glyphs?
to write records
How did the Inca civilization differ from the Aztecs and the Maya?
no written language
What was the mita?
a system of forced labor
The Inca communication system was based on....
roads and runners
What became of the most of the gold ornaments created by the Incas?
Spaniards melted them into bars
Why were the Maya concerned with astronomy?
This is one of your essays.....practice writing an answer.
How did the Inca keep their empire together?
This is one of your essays....practice writing an answer.
Which Indian civilization was located strictly in South America?
In which modern day country was the Aztec capital located?
Of the Maya, Inca, and Aztec, which empire was the largest?
Which came first, the Classic Period or the Postclassic Period?
Classic Period
What was the exact cause of the sudden end to the Classic Period?
no one really knows
Which of the 3 civilizations we studied had vanished by the time of the Spanish conquest of the New World?
Aztec legend says that their location should be on the spot were this bird landed on this plant with this in his mouth....
eagle......cactus.....snake (serpent)
Tenochtitlan may have had as many as________________people.....
The Aztec term for "island garden"
The Aztec did or did not sacrifice humans to their gods
Oh, yes
In the Aztec religion, there was or was not a god of rain
there was
Machu Picchu was part of which civilization?
The Maya were or were not interested in astrology?
The Maya did or did not sacrifice humans to their gods?
they did
At Tikal, there are how many pyramids rising out of the tropical growth?
In which civilization was Chichen Itza?
The Maya could or could not predict eclipses of the sun and moon....
they could
Which civilization we studied came up with the 365 day calendar?
What, exactly caused the end of the Maya civilization?
It's a mystery
Name the country south of Peru...
Where do the Inca think they came from?
From the sun
What's a quipu used for?
it was used for calculations and keeping records