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The reason for bear grease....
protection form the weather.
The 2 major Indian groups in the Eastern woodlands...
Iroquois and Algonquian
Which Indian group roamed the Canadian plains...
Why was Quebec a good place for a settlement...
....good essay question
Tell what you know about Hudson and his explorations....
...good essay question
The first French settlement in Canada...
Port Royal
Who started the convent for girls in Quebec?
Mother Marie de l'Incarnation
How much did land cost in Canada when the early French settlers arrived....
France's main rival...
Who claimed Canadian land for the Dutch...
What water route was Hudson looking for....
NW Passage
What water route was Hudson looking for....
NW Passage
Who were the metis?
offspring of French and Indians
Which 2 people did the French punish...
Groseilliers and Raddison
Know the definition of confederastion...
...ok, good advice
Name the spear-like weapon Canadian Indians used to hunt whales...
Know what sod and kayak mean..
...ok I will
Be able to name the main French explorers and what they discovered or found...
.....any good student would do that, Mr. Campion
What did missionaries do...
...spread the Catholic religion in Canada