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Author of Common Sense
Thomas Paine
This person sewed flags and banners during the Revolution....
Betsy Ross
How did the Battle of Bunker Hill turn out?
The British won, but they lost hundreds of was a costly victory
On whose side was General Charles Cornwallis?
The other name for Massachusetts militia....
Wrote most of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
Name the group that improved communication throughout the colonies
Committees of Correspondence
What set of laws were passed as a result of the Boston Tea Party?
The Intolerable Acts
Did African Americans fight on the side of the British or the side of the Americans?
Both sides
The commander-in-chief of the American Army...
George Washington
At which battle was the "shot heard 'round the world"?
Battle of Lexington
What was the main result of the Battle of Saratoga?
The French agreed to help the Americans
On whose side were most Indians in the French and Indian War?
The French
Identify the lowest point for the Americans during the Revolution....
the winter at Valley Forge
Name the treaty that ended the war....
Treaty of Paris
Which was the last battle of the Revolution?
Battle of Yorktown
How did George Washington get his military experience before the Revolution?
he fought in the French and Indian War
Name the famous African-American killed in the Boston Massacre....
Crispus Attucks
Which British general surrendered to end the war?
General Cornwallis
What was the main reason for the FRench and Indian War?
The 2 countries quarrled over land in North America
The main complaint Americans had about the British taxes....
Americans had no reprsentation in the British government
Name the British law-making group...
Name the group of Boston citizens who organized the Boston Tea Party....
Sons of Liberty
In which colony were the Battles of Lexington and Concord?
Which side had more soldiers in this war?
The British
Which side seemed to fight harder in this war?
the Americans
In which city did the Continental Congress meet
During which Continental Congress was the Declaration of Independence written?
In which colony is Valley Forge?
Who led the Americans in the most famous sea battle of the war?
John Paul Jones
Which battle became the turning point of the American Revolution......
The Battle of Saratoga
Which side won the French and Indian War?
The English (with the help of the American colonists)
The main reason for the many new taxes placed on the American colonies....
England was deeply in debt because of the French and Indian War
How many American dies at the Boston Massacre?
Which army was larger and had more weapons?
The British Army
Which of these was not a British general:
Which army knew the territory better?
The American Army
Did the war begin the New England, Middle or Southern colonies.....
New England (outside of Boston)
Which of these battles came first......Yorktown, Saratoga or Bunker Hill....
Bunker Hill
Which came first....Second Continental Congress, The Stamp Act, The Battle of Saratoga....
The Stamp Act
After which battle did the French agree to join the Americans
The Battle of Saratoga