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a small fast ship with special sails that enabled it to sail into the wind and travel in rough seas
a tool once used by sailors to figure out where they were by using the position of stars
to change someone's beliefs to agree with yours
to say that something belongs to you
a journey made for a special reason
sea dog
commander of English warship
a settlement ruled by another country
Spanish "conqueror"; an explorer and soldier
a person owned by another person and forced to work for no pay
Why did Europeans look for new ways to Asia?
Because travel was difficult across land - it was dangerous - mountains/deserts/snow/wind and storms
a good brought into one or a place from another often to be sold
deep ditch filled with water
What was the new route the Europeans found to Asia?
A water route using caravels and astrolobes.
a fort
to act against
a leader of a colony or a state
Bartolomeu Dias
Sailed around the southern tip of Africa and found the FIRST sea route to Asia.
is a good shipped out of your country
a surprise attack
Why did the king and queen of Spain agree to help Columbus find a new way to reach Asia?
Because they wanted Spain to be rich and they wanted to convert people to the Catholic Religion.
something that someone does for others
What 3 ships did Christopher Columbus use to sail with?
Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria - the first 2 were caravels and the Santa Maria was larger.
the military or army that fights to protect lands
lasting forever
What was the first place that Christopher Columbus discovered?
San Salvador (means Holy Savior) - he claimed it for Spain
Why did Christopher Columbus call the people of San Salvador Indians?
Because he believed he had reached the Indies.
Who was Giovanni Caboto?
He claimed land in North America for England
Who was Amerigo Vespucci?
He explored Brazil
Wo was Hernando Cortes?
was a Spanish conquistador that explored Mexico - he fought the Aztec Indians along the way
Why did European explorers travel to the Americas after Columbus did?
to claim more land and grow their wealth
Who was Juan Ponce de Leon?
a Spanish explorer who came from Puerto Rico and was the first Spanish explorer to land in Florida (la Florida)
Who attacked Ponce de Leon?
The Calusa Indians - Ponce de Leon eventually died from his injuries.
Who was Panfilo de Narvaez?
He landed in Tampa Bay and made a mistake and lost his ships. So they made rafts and tried to get to Mexico but landed in Texas and walked the rest of the way to Mexico.
Who was Hernando de Soto?
He sailed 9 ships into Tampa Bay and were looking for gold. He never found gold but he was the first to find the Mississippi River.
What diseases did the Europeans bring to the Americas?
smallpox and measles
Who was Jean Ribault?
A French explorer who landed in St. Augustine to start a colony.
What are Huguenots?
a group of French people who did not want to be Catholic so they wanted to come to American to practice their own religion
What was the name of the first colony established near St. Augustine?
Fort Caroline - this was eventually controlled by Jean Ribault
Who was Pedro Menendez de Aviles?
He was sent by the Spanish king to fight against the French - he built a presidio
What was the first permanant or lasting settlement in the United States?
The presidio that eventually was named St. Augustine
Who won when the Spanish and French were fighting?
The Spanish (Menendez) killed the French (Ribault) and then they built many presidios along the coast of Florida.