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The Magna Carta was written during this king's reign
King John
Who was the mother of King John?
Eleanor of Aquitaine
The Crusades were fought between these 2 religious groups....
Christians vs. Muslims
Another name for the Bubonic Plague....
Black Death
The Bubonic Plague struck Europe during this century....
14th century
William the Conqueror invaded which country?
define "common law"
law that is the same for all people
Translate Magna Carta from Latin to English
Great Charter
Name the Christian scholar who examined church teachings through the eyes of reason and intellect
Thomas Aquinas
Two major principles in the Magna Carta...
monarchs were subject to laws

nobles had rights that must be respected by the monarch

monarch could not raise taxes without consulting nobles
At what meeting was the quarrel between emperors and popes over investiture settled
The Concordant of Worms
synonym for Holy War...
Where were the Crusades fought?
The Holy Land (Middle East)
The peasant woman who led French troops in the 100 Years War
Joan of Arc
The term that refers to driving the Muslims out of Spain...
The Reconquista
In which century did the Bubonic Plague strike Europe?
14th century
The plague influenced the European economy.....positively, negatively, not at allvely
During medieval times, Germanic peoples were .....very unified, not at all unified, dominated by the Catholic church
not at all unified
A method for studying Christian beliefs using reason and intellect to explain things
Define theology...
study of religion
Norman who came up with the Domesday Book
William the Conqueror
define vernacular...
common, everyday language of regular people
Which monarch used the Inquisition to help bring unity to Spain?
Queen Isabella
Under whose reign in England was an early jury system developed?
Henry II
Holy Roman emperors quarreled with popes over the appointment of.....
Catholic bishops
During the high middle ages, what was most responsible for the increased trade with the Middle East
the Crusades
What would be a main characteristic of high middle ages Gothic architecture?
flying buttresses
Joan of Arc was from which country?
What was the purpose of the First Crusade?
To free the Holy Land from Muslim control
Most responsible for the spread of the Black Death
Lost to William the Conqueror
Considered the most admired French monarch
Louis IX
Last name of the long-reigning French family
Archbishop of Canterbury...was killed apparently at Henry II's request
Thomas Becket
Two houses that make up the English Parliament
House f Lords
House of Commons
Another term for the English treasury
William the Conqueror was from this country
Otto I was a:
Holy Roman Emperor
English monarch
Also known a "Red Beard"
Frederick I (Barbarossa)
Why was Philip II of
France excommunicated?
Philip annulled his own marriage
Why did Pope Innocent excommunicateEngland's King John?
John appointed the archbishop of Canterbury w/o pope's approval
Three continents where Muslims made conquests in medieval times
Europe, Asia, Africa
It was these Turks who overran Byzantine which triggered the Crusades
Marco Polo's nickname
Koko the Monkey

Prince of Liars
Location of the Inca and the Maya civilization