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Who am I ?
I am Soham.
I am your angelguide.
Where am I taking You ?
I am taking you on a journey to the city of Dubai.
You do know where Dubai is ?
How are we going ?
We are going on a boat .
Show me how to do a boat !
Where are we passing from ?
We are in a boat passing through Maktoum bridge which opens up.
Show me how to be a bridge.
What are you trying to sea in the sea ?
Oh the fish
Show me how to be a fish.
What are you looking for ?
the trees
Show me how to be a tree.
Are you ready to get down from the boat ?
Great ! you are on the beach . Can you see the warriors on the beach?
Show me how to be a warrior
What is that sound ?
Its a dog running after the ball.
Show me how to be a dog.
Oh do you know a giraffe walk ?
We can see that in Dubai Zoo.
Show me how to do the giraffewalk .
Do you know where is the zoo?
Its in Jumeirah and we can see King Cobra ?
Show me how to be a Cobra.
Shall we rent a bicycle to go to zoo ?
Lets take a watertaxi to bur dubai and then rent a cycle to go to zoo.
Show me how to be a bicycle.
Where are we going ?
We are on Jumeirah road after the Jumeirah Mosque.
Show me how to be a mosque .