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establish specific programs and set limits on the amounts that may be spent on them by the executive branch
Appropriation bill
a bill that allocates funds to a program of the executive branch of government.
Legislative Functions: Expressed Powers
taxing and spending
the budget process
interstate commerce
foreign affairs and treaties
bill of attainder
a law that allows a person to be punished without a trial
people represented by members of Congress
a group of Senators and Representatives that is organized to study and propose bills
seniority system
a system in which the chair of a congressional committee is automatically given to the oldest member of the majority party serving on the committee
non-stop talking in the senate to prevent a bill from coming to a vote
pocket veto
a method of killing a bill. This term is used if Congress has adjourned within ten days of submitting a bill and the President has not signed it
ex post facto lawa law applying to an act that occurred before the law was passed
a law applying to an act that occurred before the law was passed
implied powers
powers given to Congress that enable the federal government to carry out its delegated powers by any constitutional means.

in the necessary and proper clause of Article I,Section 8, of the Constitution
the handling by members of Congress of the problems their constituents have with governmental agencies
Other Constitutional Functions of Congress
Watchdog and Oversight Functions
Electoral Functions
Vice Presidential Nominations and Presidential disability
Amendments to the Constitution
Disciplining and expelling members
the power of Congress to supervise the activities of executive departments and agencies