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How many commissioners in texas?
Who leads the comission plan?
commissioners usually in 5's
what type of leadership does the strong mayor council plan provide in large cities?
one person to blame/ strong leadership in large complex cities
What is the disdvantage for the council in the strong mayor plan?
council has no power to direct day to day activities of the execuive branch
what type of experience is needed to be mayor in a strong council plan? What threat does this pose?
the mayer is an amateur that knows nothing, about the details, of running complex cities.
What are executie branch jobs based in for the strong mayor conuncil plan?
executive branch jobs are not based on the merit system an occupant serves at the pleasure of the mayor
How is a commissioner elected?
each commissioner is elected in a non partisan election to be the head of each agency
What branches of gov't does the commissioner represent?
legislative and executive
Commissioners are viewed as ......
pplicy makers not administrators.
what is known as the multiheaded monster and why?
commisioner plan because it oftens lacks coordination
what does pass the buck mean for the commissioner plan?
there is no one person in charge, nobody is responmsible for anything
Where was the commissioner plan developed and why?
Galveston, Texas after a hurricane disaster, the public was not happy with the current gov'ts handling of the hurricane so they instituted the commissioner plan.
What was the sucess of the commisioner plan?
few cities remain that use it
Where was the council-manager plan developed?
virgina early20th century
When did texas first used the council-manager plan ?
the alamo 1913
What is the most popular form of govt used in the US?
conuncil manager plan 53%
What are some examples of cities that use the council-manager plan ?
Dallas, austin, fort worth san antonio are examples of large cities that use it
What defines the council-manager plan ?
it is defined by the local community in its constitution known as a charter.
What type of election are council-manager plan elected in and how many?
therea re from 9 to 15 elected council members chosen from single member districts in non-partisan elections.
Can a mayor vote in council-manager plan ?
depends on the charter
What two ways is the mayor selected in council-manager plan ?
sometimes the mayor is chosen by dthe council from its membershi, while sometimes the mayor is elected city-wide
What is a Strong Mayor Council Plan mean?
Mayor in charge of the city's executive branchsimilar to a president being in charge of the federal executive branch.
What size city is the strong mayor municipal plan most likely to use?
strong mayor municipal plan
What cities are examples of a strong mayor municipal plan?
new york, chicago, houston, el paso
What power/freedom is given to the mayor of a strong mayor council plan?
mayor can appoint and dismiss all department heads. The mayor has real power to manage the bureaucracy.
Who actually runs the city in a Strong mayor council plan?
the mayor chooses a CAO chief administrative officer to run the city for the mayor
How are legislative and executive functions managed in the strong mayor council plan?
executive and legislative are seperate and distinct
What is a municipal govt?
a coordinating agency that provides needed and desired services that no one else can provide in as an efficent and effective manner
Give two examples of municipal govt
polic and fire
What is the mission of a municipal govt?
render services demanded by public
Do municipal govt's make a profit?
no, municipal govts may not make a profit on citizens
How does govt measure sucess?
children healthy, good roads, good education
If govt is not to make a profit it should then be...
cheaper for its citizens
Who has the higher accountability govt or the public sector?
What is a general law city?
those with a population of less than 5,000
Who many texas cities are general law?
most, more than 800
What is a home rule city?
txas cities with a population of 5,000 or more
How many texas cities were home rule cities in 1999?
What does it take to be a home rule city?
the city must introduce a charter or constituion created by the city or its citizens
What does a home rule city status grant?
the city may do whatever it wants as long as it does not go against the US or state constitution
When and where did home rule begin?
Missouri 1875
What was Dillion's rule concept?
city ony has those powers specifically granted in a charter
What concept did Home rule reverse? When?
Dillion's rule 1911
Home rule means that a city can do anything it wants as long as....
its is not prohibited by the charter
Where did the weak mayor council plan come from?
during President Jacksons era
What are the budget powers of a weak mayor council plan?
Why was the weak mayor council plan created?
it attempted to diffuse power so that no one person had too much power to do harm
What does the weak mayor plan do to both the legislative and executive body?
blurrs the lines
How many decision makers are there in the weak mayor council plan? what does it cause?
to many, it makes the mayor weak
How much control over policy and implementation does the mayor have in the weak mayor council plan?
very little
What appointment power does the mayor have in the weak mayor council plan?
very little
What extent is the mayors bureaucrat removal power under the weak mayor council plan?
lacks the power
Who does the mayor share power with in the weak mayor council plan in directing city administration?
with other council members and elected officials
Who competes with the mayor in the weak mayor concil plan?
many other elected post, chiefs
Does the govenor have the ability to pocket veto?
no if the govenor signs or does not sign it will be law
How long does the govenor have th act on a bill while in regular session?
10 days
When does a bill become law?
90 days after the session unless it is an emergency of appropriations bill
What is the govenors major bargaining power with the legislature?
What is the North Dakota law related to vetos?
any govenor who menaces a legislator with the threat of a veto is guilty of a crime!
What must the texas legislator do to override a veto by the govenor?
get a 2/3s vote in bother houses, 100 in reps, 21 in senate
What is the only thing a govenor can item veto?
appropriations bill
What did the results of the Joseph Schlesinger study show?
Texas govenor is last at of all 50 states for power
what is the govenors role as chief legislator?
govenor may initiate their own legislative program
Who can call special sessions?
Who has veto power?
What is the relationship between politics and administration in the council-manager plan?
What is the disadvantage to the council manager plan?
potentioal for conuncil to only hire a yes man for city manager
Qualifications for texas govenor?
age 30, US citizen, texas resident for five years
What is the govenors term in texas?
4 years no limitation
What is the govenors salary, were does it rank?
$115,345 lowest paid amound top texas bereaucrats
what is the succession from govenor in the state of texas?
lt, govenor, president pro tem, speaker , attorney general, then preciding job of court of appeals
How is the govenor removed in texas?
by impeachment of election defeat
Texas govenor that was impeached?
Jim Ferguson
Who is acting govenor when the govenor is out of state?
Lt Govenor