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immigration to nationals from countries adversely affected by the 1965 law; European immigrants would benefit; helped people and made exeptions to earlier quotas
diversity visa
a limit on the quantity of a product/person that may be imported/let in
law that applies to a particular person/situation
private law
person from a foreign country who expects to stay in U.S. for a short, specified period of time
Non-resident Alien
general pardon the govt offers - in this case, to illegal aliens
people fleeing to escape persecution or danger
illegal for them to hire illegal immigrants
benefit most from "diversity visas"
city with the most immigrants
New York
restricted admission of Chinese laborers
Chinese Exclusion Act
lowered number of immigrants allowed into country to less than 165,000 per year (80% decrease in annual immigrants from years before WWI
Johnson Act
citizen of a nation with which the U.S. is at war
Enemy Alien
member of Jewish religion
state with highest number of immigrants
person from a foreign nation who has established permanent residence in the U.S.
Resident Alien
Person who lives in a counbtry where he/she isn't a citizen
person who comes to U.S. without a legal permit, such as a passport, visa, or entry permit
illegal alien
1965 reforms; abolishing system of national origins quota; set up 2 categories: eastern and western hemisphere; preference categories
Immigration Reform Act
designed to take countries of origin into account, and to admit more skilled and educated people
Immigration Act of 1990
way for illegal immigrants to become permanent residents
Immigration reform and Control Act of 1986