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what are the colors of
the flag
red white blue
how may stars are there
in our flag
how many stripes are
in our flag
What color are the
red and white
How many states are there
in the Union(united states)
What is the date of
independence day
July 4 1776
Who was the first president
Of the United States
George Washington
Who is the president of the
United States today
George W Bush
Who is the vice President
of the united States
Dick Chenney
Who elects the president
the electoral college
Who becomes president if
the president dies
vice president
For how long do we elect
the president? 1 term =
4 years
What do we call a change
to the constitution
How many changes or ammedments do we have
What are the three branches
of government
executive legislavtive
Who makes the laws in the
Unites States
How many senators are there
in Congress
Can you name the two senators from your state
levin, stabenow
For how long do we elect a
6 years
How many respresentatives
do we have in Congress
For how long do we elect
the respresenatative
2 years
What is the supreme
law of the United States
supreme court
What is the capital of
your State
Who is your current State
Who is the supreme law of the United States
According to the Constitution name one requirement you must meet to be eiligble for president
naural born citizen
at least 35 years old
lived in the US 14 years
Who selects the supreme court
who is the head of your local government
According to the Constitution
name one requirement to be eligible to be president
a US citizen
Who selects the supreme court justices
the president
How many supreme court justices are there
nine (9)
What is head excutive of a city government called
who was the main writer
of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
What is the minimum voting
age in the United States
eighteen (18)
Who signs the bill to law
What is the highest court
in the United states
Supreme Court
Who was president during the Civil War
Abraham Lincoln
which president is called the "father of our country"
George Washington
Who has the power to declare
In what year was the Constitution written
what are the first 10 ammendments to the Constitution called
The Bill of Rights
Whose rights are guaranteed
by the Constitution and the Bill of rights
the People or Us Citizens
what is the introduction to the Constitution called
The preamble
What is the name of the
prsidents offical home
The White House
Who is the commander and chief of the U S military
The president
In what month do we vote for president
what are the two major political parties in the United States
Democrats Republicans
what is trust?
The belief you have in someone.
what is talk
one's thoughts in speech
what is touch?
part of the body to appropriately come in contact with another(handshake, itching nose)
what is a boundry
a limit too (small aera around your body) personal space
What is a realtionship?
connected by blood or marriage or when you are dating some one
What is Intimacy
privacy, secret,
what is private/privacy
not for public use,. to one person
What is personal?
pertaing to one person, personal affairs