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The United States governemtn has a _____ _____ form of government.
federal republic
The seat of government is
Washington D.C.
The _______ is the governing document of the country
The Constitution was ratified in ____
There are __ articles in the Constitution and it has been amended __ times
7, 27
The U.S is based on the ______ of _______ __ _______ ___ _______ __ _______
principle of seperation of powers and checks and balances
The three branches of the federal gov't?
1)legislative 2) executive
3) judicial
Legislative branch
Congress; makes laws
Executive Branch
president; enforces laws
judicial branch
supreme court; interprets laws
The Congress of US is a ______ ______
bicameral legislature
Representatives for each state are determined by _____
There can be no more than ____ representatives
Five additional members from
puerto rico, guam, american samoa, virgin islands, D.C.
the numer of people for which a representative represents
WA State has __ representatives
WA senators? (2)
Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell
Snohomish is in the ___ Congressional District and the Rep. is _____ _____
2nd, Rick Larsen
Term length, senator? representative?
senator-2, rep-6
Is the vice president bounded by a term limit?
what amendment states the president cannot serve more than 2 terms?
the president and vice are elected in _____ of the election year and confirmed the following ____ __ by the _____ _____
december, Jan. 6th, electoral college
There are ____ electoral votes
There is only ____ Congress in the U.S and it is in _____ __
one; Washington DC
The four levels of federal cours are
District Courts (9th district western washington, seattle/tacoma), Court of Appeals (9th district San Francisco), Supreme Court (Waashington D.C.) and Bankruptcy Court (9th district Seattle/Tacoma)
There are ____ Supreme Court justices appointed for ____. The chief justice is___ ____
9, life, John Roberts
WA state became a state on
Nov 11 1889
Washington has a ____ ____ and ____ branch based on the ______ _____ ____ _____ ____ ____ ___ ___
legislative, executive, and judicial; same seperation of powers priciple as the federal gov't
WA governor?
Christine Gregoire
Lt. Governor?
Brad Owen
Succession to the governor reverts to
lt governor, treasurer, auditor, attorney general
any elected position at state level requires _____ and _____
U.S. citizenship and qualified elector of the state
the state legislature is a ____ ____ that consists of _____ _____
bicameral legislature; senate, house of reps
There are __ legislative districts in WA state. For each district there are ___ reps and __ senators
49, 2, 1
snohomish is located in the ___ district, represented by senator _____ and house memebers _____ and _____
44th, Senator Steve Hobbs, House Hans Dunshee and John Lovick
The court system in WA consist of
Supreme Court, State Court of Appeals, Superior Court, and Courts of Limited Jurisdiction that includes Juvenile, district, and municipal courts.
Judges of supreme, superior, and district court muse be _____ ____ ___
admitted to state bar
all judges of WA are elected to the ___ _______ _______
non-partisan positions
generally, judges are appointed for ___ ____
4 years
the state of WA also has the ____ ____ and ____
initiative, referendum, and recall
direct power of the voters to enact new laws or change existing laws
gives voters oppurtunity to approve or reject proposed legislation or laws enacted by legislature
citizen impeachment
WA state is divided in ___ counties
difference between council and county?
council- legislative
county- executive
snohomish has a ____ ____ form of govt
there are __ districts in Snohomish County. Snohomish is in the __ district w/ council member ____ ____ and council executive _____ _____.
5; 5th; Dave Somers, Aaron Reardon
no person may be elected to any county govt office for more than ___ terms
any person elected to county office must have attained ___ ___, been _____ and be an
age 21, 3 year resident of Snohomish County, and be an eligible elector
the county is governed by ____ ____ that is up for citizen review every ___ years
county charter; 10
the seat of gov't of snohomish county is in
the city of snohomish has a ____ ____ form of govt
the real power lies in the ____ with the ____ being the chairman of the council
council, mayor
the _____ is responsibl for the day to day operations of city
the mayor of snohomish is?
Randy Hamlin
City Manager?
Larry Bauman