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What is government?
A way a country runs itself.
What is a constitution?
Set of laws in which a country obeys.
What is a democracy?
A government is which the final authority rests with the nation's people
United States, Australia,
What is a Republic?
People choose their leaders
Key terms for Democracy
Capitalism, Congress, President, Free Enterprise
Cons- poverty, economy is bad, no freedom, Government rules everything. Pro- free education,free health care, everyone is treated equal.
Communist Countries:
Cuba, N. Korea,Vietnam, China
Key terms for Communism
Constitutional, monarchy, dictator, totalitorinism, command economy, total control
Constitiutional Monarchy
-King or Queen but there are laws
Countries that have a Constitutional Monarchy
England, Japan
Key words for Constitutional Monarchy
King, Queen, Emperor, Constitution, set of laws, limited out
Absolute Monarchy
King or Queen have all the power
Countries that have Absolute Monarchy and Key words for Absolute Monarchy
Saudi Arabia- Absolute power
-We have control within borders.
-No government at all.
-Controlled by religious leaders.(Iran)