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Armed Forces
The President serves as Commander in Chief of this
Supremacy Clause
In any conflict between national law and state law the national law wins out
This is made up of two houses which include the Senate and House of Representatives
Popular Sovereignty
This is a type of government where people elect leaders to make decisions for them
As a citizen we have a duty
(required) to do what things?
Obey laws, pay taxes, go to school
As a citizen of the U.S. we have the responsibility (should do)to do what?
Be informed about our government, Vote, Respect the rights of others
The First Amendment protects the freedom of religion,_____, the press, assembly, and to petition government.
The Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to bear _____.
The Fourth Amendment protects Americans against unreasonable ______and _____ of their houses and persons.
searches and seizures
There were ______ goals listed in the Preamble to the Constitution