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Brandenburg vs. Ohio
Freedom of Speech
Incitement test
Texas vs. Johnson
Flag burning
New York Times vs. Sullivan
Double standard on libel
Private citizen more def
Miller vs. California
State can't set standards for obscenity
Branzburg vs. Hays
Must testify before grand jury if asked
New York Times vs. U.S.
Government can't exercise prior restraint, unless natl secut
Engel vs. Vitale
School prayer can't be forced
Sherbert vs. Verner
Can't make person choose between religion and job
Wisconsin vs. Yoder
Established religions (Amish)
Pull kids out of school after 8th grade
W. Virginia vs. Barnette
Don't have to pledge allegiance to flag
Lemon vs. kurtzman
State can provide resources to parochial schools, but no religious help
Bowers vs. Hardwick
Upheld Georgia's sodomy
Lawrence and Garner vs. Texas
Sodomy statues against 1st amendment
Gideon vs. Wainwright
6th amendment
Defender will always have lawyer
Gregg vs. Georgia
Executions, capital punishments not cruel/unusual