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Who can vote in our country and how old do you have to be?
people, 18
Name the 3 branches of government.
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Which branch of government is the Congress?
How many parts is the Congress divided?
2 - House of Representatives and Senate
What are the responsibilities of the Congress
Make laws and decide how money is spent
How many senators are elected to Congress?
Who makes up the Judicial Branch?
Supreme Court
How many judges are on the Supreme Court?
What branch of government does the President lead?
What are the President's responsibilities?
Carries out laws, meets with leader of other ___________, lead military
In what way do citizens participate in our government?
Vote, pay taxes
Responsibilities of Legislative Branch:
Make Laws
Decides how money is spent.
Responsibilities of the Executive Branch:
Carries out laws.
Leads military.
Meets with other leaders of other countries.
Responsibilities of the Judicial Branch:
Make sure laws are followed.
The laws and people that run a city, state, or country.