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Government in Florida: Local Government in Florida

Chapter 10: Lesson 2

pg. 398 - 403
What is a board of county commissioners?
A board of county commisioners are an elected group of people that govern the county. It does work of both the legislative and executive branches. It makes laws for the county and decides how the county's tax money will be spent.
How many county governments are there in Florida?
There are 67 county governments in Florida?
How many municipal or city governments are there in Florida?
There are more than 400 municipal or city governments in Florida.
What is a county seat?
A county seat is a city that is the center of government for that county.
What is a special district?
A special district is an area in which a certain problem needs to be solved or a certain service needs to be provided.
What is a city manager?
A city manager runs the city the way the city council members want. The city manager then hires workers for different departments of the municipal government.
What are three forms of municipal governments most commonly used in Florida?
Three forms of municipal governments most commonly used in Florida are: