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What is Social Security?
Social Security is a program funded by the federal government designed to help people in need.
Government in Florida: Floridians and the National Government

Chapter 10: Lesson 3

pg. 404 - 407
What determines the number of representatives Florida sends to the United States House of Representatives?
The number of people a state sends to the United States House of Representatives depends on the state's population.
Who currently represents the Sarasota district in the U.S. House of Representatives?
Katherine Harris currently represents the Sarasota district in the U.S. House of Representatives.
What is the Federal Government?
The Federal Government is another name for the national government, which makes decisions that affect all the people in the United States.
Why are programs such as Medicare and Social Security especially important to Florida?
Programs like Medicare and Social Security are important to Florida because of the state's growing elderly population.
What is Medicare?
Medicare is a government program to help older Floridians pay the costs of health care.
How does the United States Coast Guard help Floridians?
The U.S. Coast Guard helps boaters in trouble and cleans up oil spills. It also make sure that boaters follow safety rules.
How do Floridians take part in the federal government?
Floridians take part in the federal government when they elect U.S. Senators and Representatives and when they vote for President. They also take part when they pay federal taxes.
How does the United States Supreme Court affect Floridians?
Decisions made by the U.S. Supreme Court affect everyone in the United States including Floridians. It also decides whether the laws and courts of Florida and other states follow the Constitution.
Who currently represents Florida in the U.S. Senate?
Bob Graham and Bill Nelson are Florida's U.S. Senators.