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That part of a political campaign aimed at winning a primary election
Nomination campaign
That part of a political campaign aimed at winning a general election
General election campaign
That part of a political campaign concerned with presenting the candidate's public image.

The part of the campaign where candidates show up at the workplace, subway stations, coffees, luncheons, and forums to meet and greet the voters is known as the
Personal campaign
that part of a political campaign involved in fund raising, literature distribution, and all other activities not directly involving the candidate
Organizational campaign
That part of a political campaign in which the candidate reaches out to the voters, in person or via the media, to create a positive impression and gain votes
Media campaign
Political advertisements purchased for a candidate's image
Paid media
coverage of a candidate's campaign by the news media
Free media
Advertising on behalf of a candidate that stresses the candidate's qualifications, family, and issue positions, without reference to the opponent
Positive ad
Advertising on behalf of a candidate that attacks the opponent's platform or character
Negative ad
Ad that compares the records and proposals of the candidates, with a bias toward the sponsor
Contrast ad
Telelvision advertisng on behalf of a candidate that is broadcast in sixty, thirty, or ten-second duration
Spot ad
Advertsing that attempts to counteract an anticipated attack from the oppposition before the attack is launched
inoculation ad
forum in which political candidates face each other to discuss their platforms, records, and character
Candidate debate
Federally mandated, officially registered fund-raising committee that represents intersts groups in the political process
Political action committee (PAC)
Donations from the general tax revenues to the campaigns of qualifying presidential candidates
Public funds
The process by which a campaign reaches individual voters, either by door-to-door solicitation or by telephone
Voter canvass
A professional who produces candidate's television, radio, and print advertisements
Media Consultant
donations to presidental campaigns from the federal government that are determined by the amount of private funds a qualifying candidate raises
Matching funds
Legally specified and limited contributions that are clearly regulated by the Federal election Campaign Act and by the Federal Election Commission
Hard Money
The virtually unregulated money funneled by individual and political committees through state and local parties
Soft Money