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What was the name of the first Constitution?
The Articles of Confederation
In what year did the states come together to write the new Constitution?
In what city was the new Constitution written in?
What was the main reason for changing the Articles of Confederation?
Needed a stronger central government
How many states were represented at the signing of the new Constitution?
Define the New Jersey Plan
Unicameral/ equal rights to all
Define Connecticut Compromise
Bicameral wanted two houses
Define 3/5th Compromise
Counted each slave as 3/5ths of a person
Who were the framers?
People who signed the Constitution
Define Federalists
People for the new Constitution
Define Anti-Federalists
People against the new Constitution
Define Republic
Government in which the voters hold sovereign power
Define Constitution
Plain that provides rules for government
Define Seperation of Powers
Division of pwer amoung branches of government
Who is the father of the Constitution?
James Madison
Before the mid 1700's the American colonies were largely self _________?
Why did the Anti-Federalists have an issue with the new Constitution?
Lack of Bill of Rights
What was the last state to ratify the Constitution?
Rhode Island
What is the name of the highest court in the judicial branch?
Supreme Court
The Necessary and Proper cause is also known as what?
The Elastic Clause
Judges of the supreme court must be nominated by who?
Questions about interpreting the Constitution are settled by who?
Supreme Court
Every state is required to have what type of government?
Republic Government
How many Amendments have been made to the Constitution?
The amendment that was later repealed was which amendment?
18 Prohibition
Invoking the 5th amendment means that the accoused person has the right to what?
Not incriminate themselves
The right of all citizens to vote regardless of race is which amendment?
What is the impact of the Marbury vs. Madison Court Case?
Supreme Court Case that established judicial review
In which ways can the legislative branch check the judicial branch?
Can impeach judges, create lower federal courts, and determine judicial saleries
Section of the Constitution that sets forth basic human rights is which section?
Bill of Rights
What is a formal amendment?
The changing of the actual writing of the Constitution
If the senate rejects a treaty which branch is being checked
Define the 4th amendment
Protects against unreasonable search and seizure
Define the 19th amendment
1920 women were given the right to vote
Define Federalism
System in which power is divided betweeen national and state governments
How is an amendment proposed and ratified
1) 2/3 vote of each house of congress used to date
2) National convention called by congress at request of 2/3 of the states (never been used)
Define the 26th amendment
18 years of age became the legal voting age.
Congress may not excercise these powers
Denied Powers
The power to coin money is in the hand of whom?
Expressed Powers
Powers that are speciffically given to the national gavernment are?
National Powers
Powers taht are thought to be granted but not specifically spelled out are?
Implied Powers
One third of the Senators are elected how often?
Every 2 years
How often must congress meet?
Once a year
How many membres do the House and Senate need present to do work?
218 in the House and 51 in the Senate
How can congress override a president's veto?
2/3 vote in both the House and Senate
How many days does a President have to sign a bill?
10 days
Define bill
a proposed law
Laws for the United States are made by whom?
The congress
We count our population every how many years?
Every 10 years
The number of Presidential electors a state gets is determined by what?
The number of house representatives and two representatives from the state
If none of the candidates for President recieve a majority of the vote how is the President elected?
House of Representatives
How many members are in the Presidents cabinet?
15 departments
If the president is unable to perform his job, he writes a letter to whom?
Vice president and Protempore of the Senate
How are Presidential electors appointed or chosen?
Any manor
If there is a vacancy in the office of Vice President, who appoints a new one?
THe President
List the order of Presidential succession after Vice President (next four)
1)Speaker of the House
2)President Protempore of the Senate
3)Secretary of State
4)Secretary of the Treasury
What is the term of office for the president?
$ years
What are the term limitis for the President
What are the residency requirements for President?
14 years as a citizen and must be natural born
This institution actually elects the President
Electoral College
How many electoral votes does Illinois have?
This state has the largest number of electoral voets?
California at 57 votes
All impeachment trial verdicts are decided by whom?
The Supreme Court
If the president can not work the job will be taken over by whom?
Vice President