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The ability to cause another person to pursue a course of action or not to pursue it
Weakness under the articles of confederation consisted of
Lack of central control of interstate commerce, lack of taxing power, lack of national army
With one exeption, ratification of constitutional ammendments has been by action of
State Legislatures
Goverment by a few is identified as
The bicameral congress was established by the
Connecticut comprimise
"life in the state of nature is poor, nasty, brutish, and short"
What is the state of nature
Absense of Government
The model of American government which involves believing in the worth of the individual and considers human rational.
Popular Rule
Tomas Hobbes' most famous work
According to Locke, what quality did humans posses that allowed them to live in the state of nature
Which of the following did not include a right to revolution in their political philosophy?
Marriages are recognized from state to state because of
The full faith and credit clause
Large state vs. small state about who should have power in the new government led to
The division of congress into two branches, Senate and HOR, senate take care of small states while HOR helps most of the other states
Authority equals
John Locke believed that life in the state of nature was possible because
Humans have a rational capacity
Following the so-called american revolution the established goverment was a
Who wrote about 'Origional Sin'
St. Augustine
Which of the following is a real revolution
Power involves
The texas constitution has been ammended ________ than the US constitution
More times
Which following institution has a form of oligarchy
Senate, HOR, Courts, Electoral College
Which of the following actions taken in 1786 applied to slaves
3/5 compromise
Who spoke about enviromental ideals
____ Ensures records will be recognized from state to state
Full faith and credit clause
Which isnt a weakness of the articles of confederation
The ability to make treaties and alliances
The "full faith and credit" clause of the constitution refers to
Necessity of recognizing records and acts from state to state
Ultimate responsibility for the conduct of foreign affairs is given to the
Strict Constitutionalism means
A literal translation of the constitution
What did our founding fathers want for our political system
Individual freedom and protection of personal property
Who said the founding fathers were motivated by self-interests?
Charles Beard
Presidential powers are most substantial in
Foreign Affairs
Supremicy clause makes which superior
National Laws
How do you ammend a constitution?
National convention and 3/4 of states agree
The american political system partakes in which of the following
Monarchy, Oligarchy, democracy
A constitutional government
Involves limited power by law, protection of citizens rights, restricts whims of officeholders
Which is true of seperation of powers
There is no rigid seperation of powers
According to lecture, which philosophy believes that humans are selfish and irrational
Hangman Theory
Narrow definition of politics is
any interaction between two or more people in a governmental setting
Who is associated with the hangman theory
Machiavelli, Hobbes, St. Augustine
The electoral college
Made it possible for a president to get elected without a majority of popular vote
Seperation of powers refers to
Division of power between the branches
Who came up with seperation of powers
The________ model represents those who make all the decisions and are considered the top
Name the clause that allows flexibility in operation of government
Necessary and proper clause
Supremeicy clause states that
Chief executive is supreme authority
Texas is generally a
White collar state
Cross pressures in voting behavior refers to
The competing influences of membership in various groups on voting behavior
Which of the following ethnic groups in texas are gaining in political influence
Which of the following habe been used to disenfranchise texas minorities
Physical threats, gerrymandering, early annual registration
Gerrymandering is
The drawing of electoral lines for political advantage
Voter turnout is usually highest in
Presidential elections
Third parties have a difficult time in american politics for which of the following reasons
too ideological, single member winner take all, limited appeal skewed toward one issue or side of the political spectrum
the type of political participation that is done least often by american citizens
Running for office
Elections decided by proportional representation are characterized by
More than one winner
Republicans in texas DO NOT tend to be
Older, less educated, below average income
One criticism for media coverage of elections is that the media approaches elections as they would cover
L horse race or beauty contest
A positive sum game is
Provides for more than one winner
the 14th ammendment is important in the history of African Americans stuggle for equality because
It was intended to make citizens of African Americans and award them the rights of citizens
Elections in Great Britain must occur every
Within a 5 year span
THe principal jobs of the precinct conventions are to
Submit resolutions which might be included in the party platform and to choose delegates to the county convention
The principal that Verba, Nie, and Petrocik discovered more issue oriented voters in the United States in the 60's may have been
That the issues of the 60's were so pervasive and fundamental that American Citizens could hardly avoid them
The central figure that distinguishes political parties from interest groups is that parties
Nominate and run candidates directly for public office
The lowest level of party organization in texas is the
American Voters are
Less partisan today than in the past
The method for selecting party candidates in the US which developed most recently and is the most democratic is
The Direct Primary
It is argued that a principal reason for the existance of only two parties in the american political system is
Winner take all, single member district system
A criticism of the mass media handling the news is that
They are supposed by private industry
The direct primary system is one in which every registered voter has the opportunity to
Nominate Candidates
A scale of measurement that allows us to predict lower levels of behavior on the basis of manifestation of higher levels of behavior is
Guttmann Scale
Those citizens who claim to be independents with regard to party identifications are
The most apathetic and least informed
British political campaigns officially last
No more than 30 days
Describing american political parties as peak organizations has reference to
the fact that parties have more active members and are more active during election years than in off years
A prinicpal reason that American Political Parties are non-ideological is that
The electoral system is structured according to a single member, winner take all operation. This requires building a broad bassed coalition to win the election.
The current prime minister of Britain is
Tony Blair
Which of the following methods of choosing candidates to run for office is both theoretically and practically the most undemocratic?
The Caucus
American Parties in relation to those in britain are
Less Disciplined
In England, government leaders are
Chosen by the party with majority in parliament
The decision rule in the United States for elections is
A simple Majority
Which of the following groups is more likely to vote republican
Suburbanite, High income, Partisan Identifier
In practice, which of the following restrictions on voting was removed last?
Murray Edelman argues in The "Symbolic Uses of Politics" that
Elections are simply rituals which tie the citizenry to the system
The precinct chairperson is part of the
Permanent party organization
William Keech argued from his research on voting by African Americans that
Voting by African Americans was unimportant in terms of material rewards, but important for its symbolic significance
The first nomination device used by American Political Parties, both for national and state offices was the
Party Caucus
In practice, American Political Parties have which of the following structures
American Political Parties are
Pragmatic and Flexible
Which of the following was a method used by states to deny blacks the right to vote?
White Primaries, Grandfather Clause, Literary tests
Which of the Following individuals is more likely to vote?
High education, high income, middle aged suburbanite
American Political parties have as a primary purpose
The attainment of power by electing officials to office
Citizens who have a sense of political efficacy feel that
They can influence and control the political system
The process of being introducted to the political beliefs and values of our society is called
Political Socialization
Political Socialization involves
Education, Family Relations, Influence of Family and friends, Religious influence
In comparision with other deomocracies, the proportion of voting age Americans who vote in elections is
Substantially lower
In the organization of American Political parties
The national organization focusus primarily on the election of the president
Which of the following is the most accurate method of ascertaining public opinion?
Which of the following may introduce a bill into the United States Congress for consideration and possible passage
Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, Member of the House, The President
The necessary and proper clause of the Constitution
Establishes the implied powers to the national government
The most important factor influencing committe appointments in the United States Congress is
A bicameral Legislature
Has two chambers
Most bills in the United States Congress are killed by the
Standing Committee
The United States Senate has the Constitutional power of
Confirmation of Presidental nominees
In comparing the powers of the Lieutenant Govenor of Texas as the presiding officer of the Texas Senate with the powers of the Vice President of the United States as the presiding officer of the US senate
The LT Governor has more potential power over the Texas Senate than the VP has over the US senate
Texans pay their state legislators
Less than most larger states
The current speaker of the House is
Nancy Pelosi
Fillibustering is most likely to have a significant effect in
The senate
The rules of the US HOR differ from the rules of the Senate in which of the following
House rules are much more rigid than Senate Rules due to the size of the House in Comparison with the Senate
Under-represents Women
Which of the following is a constitutional power of the US HOR
Choosing of the President of the US in case of an electoral deadlock
Member of the House of Representatives serve
Two years
The most important aspect of the administrative oversight function of the US congress is
The Power over the budget
Impeachment actually means
Filing of formal charges by the HOR
The presiding officer of the US HOR is
The Speaker
Committe assignments are primarily the job of
The political Parties
Which of the following may call the Texas legislator into special session?
The Governor
A committe formed for the purpose of revising a bill that has passed houses of Congress in different forms is a
Conference Committee
Which of the following national figures serve six year terms
According to lecture, which of the following statements is true with regard to the US senate?
In the Senate, the informal rules are more important in determining behavior than the formal rules
For which purposes are standing committees established?
To consider Legislation
The normal operating procedure of the US senate is summarized in which of the following terms
Unanimous Consent
The calender in the US HOR for bills that address individuals rather than the general public
In terms of their respective positions as presiding officers, how does the presiding officer of the US senate compare with the presiding officer of the US house?
He/She has less power
Representation in the Texas Senate is based on
Which of the following sets of characteristics fits very well, the real characteristics of US congressmen?
NONE OF THESE: White anglosaxon lower middle class, black jewish upper class, white anglo protestant factory worker.
Conference Committes are?
Charged with reconciling the differences in legislation as it emerges from the two chambers of the legislature
A discharge Petition in the HOR is
A method for overcoming a committee delaying or blocking tactics on legislation
A special rule granted by the House Rules Committee
Allows only certain ammendments to be made to bills
The drawing of legislative districts in Texas is theoretically the task of
Each chamber of the Texas Legislature
The task of circulating information to party members about bills coming up for vote and urging them to be present adn to support the party's position is the primary responsibility of the
Which of the following committees of congress were identified in class as 'Important' Committees?
House rules, Senate Finance, House ways and means
'Pork Barrel' refers to the expectation that members of Congress
Provide as much possible economic help from the Federal Government for their constituents as possible
Before the final version of a bill from a conference committee is sent to the President
Both chambers of Congress approve it in the same form
Which of the following is a temporary committee?
NONE OF THESE: Standing, Joint, Joint Standing, Select
A filibuster can be formally ended by
A majority vote of the Senate
The Constitution authorizes the VP as presiding officer in the senate to
Appoint members to standing committees
Party representation on a committee of Congress will be
Roughly equivalent to the party representation in the particular chamber
A principal characteristic of a select committee is that it
Normally handles legislation
In congress, proposed laws normally undergo their most thorough examination in
A standing committee
Which of the following statements concerning the US senate is true
There are 5 calenders in the House, each with special criteria for determining the type of bill placed on it
The House Calender reserved for money bills is known as the
Union Calender
Which of the following is a power constitutionally delegated to congress?
Law and collect taxes, regulate Commerce, declare war
The legislature of Texas meets
Once every two years in special session
A power or perogitave specifically deligated to the HOR by the constitution and jealously guarded by the house members is
A degree of control over fiscal policy since all revinue bills must originate in the House
The Dixicrat candidate for President in 1948 was
Strom Thurman
The Democratic candidate for President in 1948 was
Harry Truman
The election of 1800 resulted in which of the following Vice Presidents
Aaron Burr