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Municipal corp.
a city.
Home rule
right of a local govt to govern itself rather than state govern it.
tx associacation of counties
professional assoc. for county govts
county judge
elected official who is chief administrator of county govt,commisioners court, and judiciary
commissioners court
legislative body of a county in tx.
county commissioner
elected official on a county legislative body/commisioners court
District attorney/ criminal DA
elected official who prosecutes criminal cases
county attorney
legal officer for county govt and criminal prosecutor
elected official who serves as chief law enforcement officer in a county
county clerk
elected official who serves as the clerk for commissioners court and county records
district clerk
elected offical responsible for keeping records of of district courts
county tax assessor-collector
EO who collects taxes for county...and other local govts
county treasurer
EO serves as money manager for county govt
county auditor
official appointed by a district judge to audit county finances
local govt code
tx statutory code containing state laws about local govts
general ordinance-making authority
legal right to adopt ordinances covering a wide array of subject areas,authority that cities have but counties dont
general law cities
less than 5000 residents governed by a general state law rather than a locally adopted charter
weak mayor council
form of city govt where mayor has no more power than council members
strong mayor council
mayor has strong powers to run city by hiring/managing/firing staff and controlling exec. departments, also is on council.
council manager
city council and mayor hire a manager to run the city
city commission
elected members serve on leg. body and also head administrators of city programs
tx municipal league
prof. association and lobbying arm for city govts
enlargement of citys corporate limits by surrounding territory into city
extraterrestorial jurisdiction
area outside a citys boundaries overwhich the city may exercise limited control
all positions on council filled by city wide elections,candidates must choose which place to run for
charter school
public school sanctioned with agreement that allows programs to operate outside usual rules