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characteristics or a state?
population, territory, sovereignty, gov't
origin of the states?
force, evolution, divine rights, & social contract
necessity of compomise?
an adjustment of opposing principles or systems by modifying rome aspects of each
social contract theory?
state arose out of a voluntary act of free people
limited government?
gov't is resticted in what it maybe & each indiviaul has right that the gov't cant take away
federal government?
powers are divided between a central gov't & local
form of gov't in which the supreme court authority rest w/ the people
inalienable rights?
rights that cannot be taken away
weaknesses of the articles of confederation?
no executive or judicial branch 9/13 had to agree 13/73 to amend,no power to regulate interstate commerce no power to tax
the federalist (papers)?
written in vecret by madison & hamiton to purswade people into liking constution
constitution convection- delegates agreed to what purpose?
not say a word about what went on
methods or formal amendment to the constitution?
proposal 2/3 vote each hav e, nat'l convection raconvectiontification 3/4 of state leg, 3/4 of state
framers drew form what sources in writing the constitution?
viapain, nj. pln conneticut comp, 3/5 comp
anti-federalist beliefs/concerns?
against constitution , to strong no bill of rights
only way to change a constituion amendment?
amend it again
popular sovereignty?
people are source of any and all gov't power
blockgrant ?
fed-aid for cerntian group or public policy
implied powers?
redronably suggested
exclusive powers?
only nat'l gov't has these powers
inherent powers?
power u have bc ur a sovereign state
reserved powers?
are for the state
enableing act ?
congesstional act directing people of US territory
divison of powers?
const'l provisions by which gov't powers are divided on geographic region
act of admission?
admitting a new state to the union
pprivilges and immunities clause?
provides no state can draw unregionable distruction b/w its own residents and those persons who happens to live in other states
full faith & credit clause?
ensures that states recognize the laws and document and court proceding other states
privale graps that rasie money 4 a colmadle
presidential electors ?
a person by the voters to rep. them in making formal slection of VP
purpose of nat't party convention?
pick pres candidates
presdiential primarys?
vote 2 see who will run out of candiates againts other partys