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First Texas Constitution
Texas bacame its own country, The REpublic of Texas
Second TX Constitution
Texas entered the Union
Third TX Cons
TX became part of the Confederacy
4th TX Cons.
Confederacy lost the war and TX rewrote Cons. to reneter Union
5th TX Constitution
Radical Republicans- Convention
Pregessive beliefs- free slaves should have rights
6th TX cons.
set for weak state govt. plural executive
Weak TX legislature
meet every other year--gives local freedon, power to county andlocal govt
democratic control
people have the maximum control
1. a way to have many different viewpoints
2. combines unitary and condfederation
unitary government
political power is held in the cenral government
confederation (republic)
loose association of states that lend power to the central govt. power set in states.
Advantages of Republic
1. intimate self-rule
2. homogeneity
3. general will
intimate self-rule
the governed have impact in the govt
comity, sameness--friendly feeling, easier to get along, less social strife
general will
will is realized by the polity

ex. political equality doesn't happen overnight, people have the will to change
advantages of confederation
1. strength
2. prosperity
increase intellectual activity
disadvatages of republic
faction- homogeneity, easy to breed and manipulate
disadvsatages of cenfederation
1. heterogeneity - diferences breed conflict
2. nationalism- "my state first"