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The idea that no one is above the law, and it must be obeyed
Rule Of Law
An organized body of people living in a defined territory with a gov't and having sovereignty
the idea that the powers given to the gov't are restricted through a written document characterized by checks on authority so that gov't serves the will of the people (popular sovereignty)and not private interests
Limited Government
When a small group governs and has absolute power and authority and is not held responsible for what the people want
Oligarchy Dictatorship
Supreme, Absolute power within its own territory
The idea that the supreme power is in the hands of the people
The institution that makes and enforces public policies
The power of the supreme court to declare unconstitutional (illegal) actions by the federal or state gov'ts (included unlaawful policies)
Judicial Review
An individual leader who has absolute power and is not help responsible for what the people want
Autocratic Dictatorship
Each branch of gov't has power over the other one to keep one branch from having too much control. This is a way of formally limiting the power of the gov't and its officals (rule of law and constitutialism)
Checks and Balances
The gov't must obey and act according to the constitution (Federal Law)
An alliance of independent states each having immense power, and the central gov't having very little
Confederal System (Confederation)