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The U.S. constitution divides its power between
a national gov. and 50 state gov.
3 countries that also have a federalist system
Canada, Australia, and Switzerland.
America is a ________ system
A system that has a strong central gov. which grants power to lower level gov.
Unitary system
5 countries that have a unitary system
Israel, Britain, France, Philippines
A system where there are strong local gov. which grant limited powers to central gov.
Confederate system
Confederate relationship exists in :
The U.S. under the Articles of Confederation. The Southern Confederacy. The European Union
U.S. constitution makes no mention of ______ gov.
What makes a gov. responsible to the people, helps protect minorities and individuals from majorites, encourages rivalry between national and state gov., and divides power between state and national gov.
Federalist system