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person that leaves his homeland to seek refugee from war, persecution, or some other danger
Segregation that exists as a result of law or governmental action
De jure Segregation
Civil Rights Act of 1964
No person denied access to or refused service in public accommodations, Prohibits discrimination in any program that receives federal funds
Affirmative Action
policy required for public and private organizations to take positive steps to overcome the effects of past discrimination
one who owes allegiance to the state and is entitled to its protection
Jus Soli Law
law of the soil, where born
Jus Sanguinis
Law of the blood, to whom born
legal process by which a loss of citizenship occurs (voluntarily)
Immigration reform and control act
established Amnesty program, crime for anyone to hire a person who is in the unites states illegally
make up of the unites states population
process of bringing a group into equal membership in society
reverse discrimination
charged by allan bakke against the U of C because he was denied entrance into medical school because he was white
practice has been adapted to fit the conditions of the united states
rule requiring certain number of jobs for members of certain groups
Supreme Court
only court that has upheld laws that treat men and women differently if they meet certain criteria