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head of domestic and foreign affairs, sees that nation's laws are carried out
chief executive
heads one of the larges governmental machines in the world
chief administrator
head of US armed forces
Commander in chief
age at least 35
presidential qualification
presidential salary
plan by which presidential vacancy is filled
Presidential succession act of 1947 set out this order for pres. succession
Vice president, speaker of the house, president pro tempore of the senate, secretary of state, cabinet memebers in chron. order starting with sec of treasury
self claimed disability
pres imforms congress in writing that he is unable to carry out his duties
suggested disability
VP and majority of cabinet members inform congress in writing that Pres is unable to carry out his duties
Four purposes of national convention
adopt party's platform, formally announce pres and vp candidates, unify party for election
basic statement of party's principles and it's stand on major policy matters
possible winner of popular vote not win presidency
defect of electoral college
electoral vote (senate) doesn't match to population
defect of electoral college
constitution doesn't require electors to vote for candidate favored by the popular vote in their state
defect of electoral college
presidential election could be decided by house of reps.
defect of electoral college
voting goes by state, not individual members
objection against voting by house of reps
reps of state divide vote and it doesnt count
objection against voting by house of reps
constitution requires a majority vote and with strong 3rd party candidate possibility of no majority vote
objection against voting by house of reps
type of election where candidate who wins preference vote automatically wins primary
winner take all
group of people from each state formally select the primary
electoral college
25th amendment
method of presidential succession
causes breakdown in 1800 election
political parties
how a states presidential electors are chosen
popular vote
method used like state presidential primaries to elect delegates
presidential caucus
how the presidential candidate selects the VP candidate
balance the ticket
max number of years a president can serve in office
where political battles will occur in presidential primaries for the party out of power
nomination process
least number of presidential electors a state can have