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system of government in which the written constitution divides the powers of government on a territorial basis between central government and several regional governments.
assigned certain powers between the national government and the states
division of powers
only having those powers granted ain the constitution.
delegated powers
powers that are spelled out, expressly in the constitution
expressed powers
not stated in the constitution but are reasonably suggested or implied by the expressed powers.
implied powers
belong to the national government because it is the government of a sovereign state within the world community
inherited powers
those powers the constitution does not grant the national govt. and doesn't deny the states
reserved powers
powers that are exercised by the national government alone
exclusive powers
an act directing the people of the territory to frame a proposed state constitution
enabling act
an act creating a new state
act of admission
grants of federal money or other resources to the states and or their cities countries and other local units
grants-in-aid programs
federal monetary aid where congress gave an annual share of the huge federal tax revenue to the states
revenue sharing
powers both the national government and state government posses and exercise
concurrent powers
made for some closely defined purpose
categorical grants
made for more broadly defined purpose
block grants
grants made to states, localities, and private agencies
project grants
agreements among themselves and with foreign states
interstate compacts
when a different state has faith in the laws enforced by a different state
full faith and credit clause
legal process by which a fugitive from justice in one state is returned to that state
states can't draw unreasonable distinctions between other states
priveleges of immunities clause