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ideology that asserts the supremacy of the state or race over individuals
The ID with a group of individuals based on a shared sense of loyalty and psychological attachment based on a common language, history, culture, and desire for political independence
capitalists oppress workers and that world wide revolution and the emergence of a classless society are inevitable.
system of government where the power is divided by a constitution between central government and regional governments
End of history
Collapse of communism and the worldwide movement toward free markets and political democracy.
narrow, limited, and self-interested view of the world
small group of people that dominates the political process
What are 3 categories of political culture that Danielle Elezar created and their meanings?
Ans: Moralistic = rooted in New England, Puritans and others trying to make a good society
Individualistic = Government should limit its role to rule in society, so citizens can pursue economics
Traditionalistic = Government should be dominated by political elites and guided by tradition
Who make up the 4 tigers?
Ans: South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong.
3) What are ideals of Democracy
Recognition of individual dignity and personal freedom; Equality before the law; Widespread participation and decision-making; Majority rule with 1 person = 1 vote.
4) What was Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of capitalism?
Ans: It is subject to periodic waves of transformation, fueled by technological change
5) What are the Hammurabi codes that govern Babylon in 1700 BC?
Ans: Cause justice to prevail in land, destroy wicked and evil, and Strong may NOT oppress weak.
6) Where are the largest Mexican American population found?
7) Who are the 2 Hispanics that took part in Texas independence movement?
Jose Antonio Navarro and Juan Seguin.
9) Who are 3 Native American tribes still in Texas?
Ans: Alabama-Coushatta, Kickapoos, and Tiguas
8) Detail of Roman Republic
Ans: Julius Caesar expanding the area under Rome’s control to include most of west Europe; Rome war brought down by Germanic tribes and Huns; Europe was divided into smaller kingdoms.
10) How do extremists view politics?
Ans: With hostility although they use democratic for a small time to get what they want