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City Council
Group of Citizens that meet and solve the problems of the City
Mayor of Lee's Summit
Karen Mesarelli
Governer of Missouri
Matt Blunt
President of the United States
George Bush
Capitol of The United States
Washington D.C.
Capitol of Missouri
Jefferson City
Head of the National Government
Elected leader of the State Government
Head of the Local Government in a City
Set of Laws the Government of The United States follows
Supreme Court
Most important Court in The United States. They decide what the Laws mean
What do the Stripes of the Flag represent
The 13 original Colonies
What do the Stars on the Flag represent? How many Stars are there?
The Stars represent the 50 States
What is Democracy? How are decisions made in a democracy?
A type of Government where the people make the decisions.

Decisions are made by people voting and the majority rules.
What is a tax? What are Taxes used for?
Taxes are the money paid by the citizens. This money helps run a City, State, and the Nation. Taxes pay for libraries, streets, traffic signs, fire fighters, and police officers.