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Presidential election is held every __ years?
4 years
Presidential election is divided into what 2 phases?
primary and general election
The primary election is essentially the __ phase.
party nomination
Primary elections were instituted in the 1890s as part of the __ Movement.
__ elections may be open or closed.
In this election year, the Democratic Party candidate is __.
John Kerry
A presidential candidate must win a majority __ in order to assume the office of the presidency.
electoral vote
Each state has a certain number of electoral votes equal to the number of __ plus __ senators.
representatives, 2
The winner of the popular vote, for a particular state, determines which __ of electors will vote.
partisan slate
In order to win the electoral college vote, a candidate must win a majority of the total electoral votes, which today is about __ electoral votes.
True or False: It is extremely difficult for third parties to win elections.
Third parties are hampered by __.
single member plurality districts
__ depresses the number of parties likely to survive over long periods of time.
American election law
The principal work of Congress is __ and __.
research, investigation
What are standing committees?
Permanent committees with the power to propose and write legislation that covers a specific subject.
Select committees?
Temporary committees set up to address a particular issue.
Joint committee?
A committee formed of members from the House and Senate.
Conference Committee?
A joint committee created to work out a compromise on the passage of legislation.
Most democratic political system are __.
The executive of a parliamentary system is called a __.
prime minister
A prime minister is chosen by the __ or __.
legislature, ruling party
In most parliamentary systems, the president plays a purely __ role, similar to the U.S. __.
symbolic, vice president
Expressed powers?
specific powers granted to the presidency under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution.
The __ powers are shared between Congress and the President.
Delegated powers?
Defined as the power to execute faithfully the laws as they are adopted by Congress.
Inherent powers?
Powers claimed by a president that are not expressed in the Constitution, but are inferred from it.
A strategy by which organized interests seek to influence legislation or decisions by exerting pressure.
Public relations?
An attempt, usually through paid consultants to establish a favorable relationship with the public and influence its opinions.
A lawsuit or legal proceeding; as a form of political participation, an attempt to seek relief in a court of law.
Participation that involves the assembling of crowds to confront a government or other official organization.
Robert Putman believes that __ is the most important factor in sustaining democracy.
social capital
What are the main factors or categories that comprise social capital?
Interpersonal trust
Civic engagement
Trust in government
Political Participation
What is the most common associational membership?
Religious affiliation
Some other forms of associational memberships?
labor unions
parent-teacher associations (PTA)
civic organizations
fraternal organizations
2 examples of civic organizations?
2 examples of fraternal organizations?
Red Cross, Boy Scouts
Elks, Lions
tertiary organizations (mass-membership)
nonprofit organizations
support groups
Reasons for the decline in social capital?
movement of women into the labor force
technological transformation of leisure
demographic transformations
True/False: Expressed powers are shared between Congress and the President?
Delegated Powers?
Defined as the power to execute faithfully the laws as they are adopted by Congress.
Director of Homeland Defense?
Tom Ridge
How many Supreme Court Justices?
Who is the Attorney General?
John Ashcroft
Who is the Secretary of State?
Colin Powell
Which two sentators represent Florida in Congress?
Bob Graham
Bill Nelson
Congressional District 8
Ric Keller