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All of the attempts by organizations or by individuals to influence the passage, defeat, or contents of legislation or to influence the administrative decisions of government
A committee that is established by a corporation, labor union, or special interest group to raise funds and make contributions on the establishing organizations's behalf.
Political Action Committe (PAC)
The document drawn up by each party at its national convention that outlines the policies and positions of the party.
Party Platform
The individual attitudes or beliefs about politics, public issues, and public policies that are shared by a significant portion of adults.
Public Opinion
A learning process through which most people acquire their political attitudes, opinions, beliefs, and knowledge.
Political Socialization
In the context of opinion polling, a sample in which each person within the entire population being polled has an equal chance of being chosen.
Random Sample
A primary in which only party members can vote to choose that party's candidates.
Closed Primary
A primary in which voters can vote for a party's candidates regardless of whether they belong to the party.
Open Primary
A meeting held by party leaders to choose political candidates. This system of nominating candidates was eventually replaced by nominating conventions and, later by direct primaries.
An election that is held at the state or local level when the voters must decide an issue before the next general election or when vacancies occur by reason of death or resignation.
Special Election
In televised news reporting, a brief comment, lasting for only a few seconds, that captures a though or a perspective and has an immediate impact on the viewers.
Sound Bite