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What is the main job of the Llegislative branch?
to make laws
The plan for the country's federal government is given in this document
part of the government that makes lws for the whole nation
natioinal,government for the whole country
Supreme Court
made up of nine judges, called justices
executive branch
they see that the laws pass Congress and are carried out
Why is it important for each branch of the government to keep a watch on the other two?
that way no one branch can become too powerful
What document gives the plan for the federal government?
The Constitution
What is the main job of the judicial branch?
is to see that the laws are carried out fairly
a large sudden change in government ofr inpeoples lives
Declaration of Independence
a statement of explaining why the country is thought to be free
judicial branch
a part of government that sees the laws are carried out fairly
What is the main job of the executive branch?
is to see that thelaws passed by Congress are carried out
legislative branch
a part of government that makes laws