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ask that a decision be reviewed by a higher court
the larger of the two bodies of government
House of Representatives
leader of the House of Representatives
Speaker (John Boehner}
The Vice President of the U.S. is also president of...
The Senate
the most important power of Congress
the power to make the nation's laws
the president is the head of what branch of government
The executive branch
How long is the President elected for?
The president is elected for a 4 year term
The Twenty-second amendment, adopted in 1951, states what?
States that no President may be elected to more than two complete terms
The framers set up an electoral college. What is the definition of electoral college?
a complex system for electing the President
Under the Judiciary Act of 1789, Congress set up what?
a system of Federal Courts
the top of the American judicial system is...
The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is made up of ...
1. A Chief Justice (John Roberts)
2. 8 Associate Justices
main job of the Supreme Court
to serve as the nation's final court of appeals
Decisions rest on a majority vote of at least how many justices?
at least 5 justices
Define unconstitutional
not allowed under the constitution
What is the greatest power of the Supreme Court?
it's the power to decide what the constitution means
What does vetoing mean?
rejecting bills that congress has passed
what does overriding mean?
overruling the veto
Congress must also do what?
approve presidential appointments and ratify treaties made by the President
What else can Congress do?
they can check both the President and Congress by declaring laws unconstitutional
What is Congress's most extreme check on the President?
its power to remove President from office
Define impeach
bringing charges of serious wrongdoings against the President or a public official
How many senators have to convict, in order for the President to leave office?
two thirds
Which two presidents were impeached by the House, but not convicted by the Senate?
1. Andrew Johnson
2. Bill Clinton