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A system of government that allows indirect representation of the popular will?
What british document was formulated in the year 1215?
Magna carta
What impact did the mayflower compact have on American democracy?
The Declaration of Independence and Articals of Confederation were based off of that document
A type of agreement that legally binds two or more parties to enforceable rules
A compact.
The indepedence and selft-government of a politcal entity?
A group of european philospophers who reasoned that the most effective way to create the best government was to understand human nature in a state prior to government.
Social contract theorists
A type of government in which the powers of government are clearly defined and bounded, so that governmental authority cannote intrude in the lives of private citizens?
limited goverment.
A british act of 1764 that levied three penny per gallon tax on mollasses and other goods imported into the colonies?
sugar Act.
A british act of 1765 that required that revenue from stamps be placed on all printed matter and legal documents, making felt in every aspect of commercial life in the colonies?
the stamp act
A series of taxes imposed by the British parlament in 1767 on glass, lead, tea, and paper imported in to the colonies?
Townshed revenue acts
A 1770 incident wich British soliders fired a volly of shots into a crowd of heckers who had been throwing snow balls at the red couts????
Boston Massacare
Formed in 1772, the first instiutionalised mechanism for communication within and between the colonies and foreign countries?
committees of correspondance
A type of governement in which the powers of the government are clearly defined and bounded?
limited government
a leage of sovereign states that delgates powers on selected issues to a central governement?
Formed in Boston in 1772 the first instiutionalized mechanism for communcation within and between the colonies and foreign countries?
Commitiees of correspindence
A 1773 act of civil disobedience in which colonists dressed as native americans dumped 342 chests of tea into the boston harbor to protest the stamp act?
Boston Tea Party.
A series of punitive measures passed by the British parlament in the spring of 1774 as a response to the boston tea party
Intorelable acts
Blanket permission for British customs officals to search every part of a colonists house for customs violations and any evidance of a crime real or preceived
writs of assistance
The meeting of the fiy six elected memebers that took place in Philadelphia's carpternrs hall in 1774.
firtst contental congress
a meeting convened on may 10 1775, with alll thirteen cononies represented. the purpose of the congrss was to decide whether or not the sever bonds with england and declare independance.
second continetal congress.
Thomas Paine's pamphlet of January 1776, which helped crystallize the idea of revolution for the colonists.
Common sense.
The first consitutional framework of the new united states of america approved in 1777 by the second continetal congress, it was later replaced by the current constitution
Articles of confederation
A plan presented to the constitutional convention, favored the delegates form the bigger states?
virginia plan
The branch of government that makes the laws?
Legislaative branch
The branch of government that enforces the laws?
excutive branch
sytems that ensure that for every power in government there is an equal and opposite power plaaced in a seperate branch to restran that force
checks and balances
state in wich the powers of government are divided among the three branches, legeslative, excutive and judical.
separation of power
A system of representation popular in europe whereby the number of seats in the legislature is based on the proportion of the vote recived in the election.
proportional representaion.
A combined body of judges and members of the executive branch having a limited veto over national legislation and aboslute veto over state legislation.
concil of revision
A legislative system consisting of on chamber?
unicameral legislature
A clause in article 4 of the consituion holding that in any conflict between federal laws and treaties and state laws, the law of the national government always prevails
Supremacy clause.
A plan presented at the constitutional convention that upheld the large state position for the house, its membership based on proptional representaion,balanced by the small state posture of equal represntation in the senete, where each state would have two votes?
great compromise
A compromise which stated that the apportionment of representatives by the state should be determined "by adding the whole number of free persons by three fifths of all ofther persons ", meaning it would take fives slaves to equal three free people when counting the population for representation and taxation purposes.
Three fifths compromise
The relationship between the centralized national government and the individual state governments?
Powers that are expressly granted or enumerated in the constitution and limited in the nature?
delegrated powers.
Powers not assigned by the constitution to the national goverment but left to the states or to the people, according to the tenth amendment.
reserved powers
regulation by the states of helth, morals,and public safty, welfare of their citizens?
police powers
reducing the size and authority of the federal government by returning programs to the states.
Those in favor of the constitution, many of whom were nationalists at the convention.
Strong states rights advocates that organized in opposition to the ratification of the us constitution prior to its adoption?
according to james madison in the federalist, no. 10 a number of citzens whether amounting to a majority or minority of the whole, who are united ancturated by some common impulse or passion or interests
The first ten amendments to the constitution added in 1791?
Bill of rights
The stage of the constitutional amendment process, in which a change is proposed?
An act of approval of proposed constutional amendments by the states; the second step of the amendment process?
a mojority vote required for constituional amendments; consits of more than a simple majority of 50 percent plus one.
those rights that have neithier been granted to the national government nor forbidden to the states by the US consitution
states' rights
three constiutional provisions the interstate commerce clause, the general welfare clause, and the tenth amendment that help to continually shift the balance of power between the national and state govermets
triad of powers
a clause in article 6 of the constiution holding that in any conflict between federal laws and treaties and state laws, the will of the national goverment prevails?
Surpremacy clause
Powers delegated specifically to the national government by the consttitution?
delegated powers
Powers not specificlally stated in the constitutoin but can be inferred from the delegated powers?
implied powers
Powers that do ont appear in the constitution but are assumed by the nature of government?
inherent powers
Powers not asigned by the constitution to the national government but left to the states or the people, according to the tenth amendment?
reserved powers
The powers to regulate, the health, morals , public saftey and welfare which are reserved to the states.`
police powers
powers that are shared by both the national and state levels of government?
concurrent powers
a nineteenth century thoery which holds that states faced with unacceptable national legislation can declare such laws null and void and refuse to observe them
A system in which each level of power remains supreme in its own jurisdiction, thus keeping the states seperate and distinct from the national government?
Dual federalism
a cooperative system in which solutions for various state and local problems are directed sometimes funded by both the state and national governments?
cooperative federalism
The process wereby the protections of the bill of rights have been found by the supreme court to apply to the states?
Money paid to states and localities to induce them to implement polices in accordance with federally mandated guidelines.
grant in aid
National requrment that must be observed?
conditions of aid
The most common type of federal grant, given for specific purposes, usually strict rules attached
Coategorical grant
a grant based on a prescribed legislature formula to determine how money wil be distruted to eligible governmental units?
formula grant