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Bill of Rights.
The Bill of Rights list specific freedom, guaranteed to every U.S. citizen.
The first 10 amendments to the constitution.
The United States has a Congress.
A council that is the highest law making body in some countries.
Constitution of the United States
The written basis for the laws and government of the United States. It was written in 1787 and went into effect in 1789. The rule book for Government of the United States.
Constitutional Amendment
A change or addition to the constitution of the United States. There have been 27 Amendments to the constitution.
Government that is run by the people who live under it. In a democracy the people either rule directly or by their elected agents.
Executive Branch
The branch of the United States Government that enforces laws. The executive of the United States is the president.
Federal Government
The National Government. The Federal Government of the United States is a republic headed by the President.
An organized system that groups use to make laws and decisions. How the rules are made.
Judicial Branch
The branch of the United States Government that interprets the laws. The judicial branch decides what laws mean and whether they are applied.
Legislative Branch
The branch of the United States Government that makes the laws. The legislative of the United States.
Limited Government
Government in which everyone, including those in charge, must obey the law.
Government ruled by a monarch. In a monarchy supreme power is vested in a single person from a royal family.
Great Britain or England have a parliamentary government.
A council or law making body in some countries.
The United States is a republic.
A type of government in which leaders are chosen by election.