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GV 1
In a deprssion on the midline between the anus and the ventral tail base.
GV 2
At the sacro-coccygeal junction.
In the depression in the lumbo-sacral space.
GV 4
On the dorsal midline between the spinous processes of the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebrae dorsal to BL 23
GV 14
On the dorsal midline, in a depression between C7 and T1
GV 20
On the dorsal midline at the highest point of the poll, rostral to the nuchal crest.
GV 24 (Da Feng Men)
Combination of 3 points
1 On the dorsal midline of the rostral base of the forelock.
2&3 Where the left and right ridges of the external sagital crest of the parietal bone join the midline.
Yin Tang
Mid point of a line connecting the lateral canthi of the eyes.
GV 26
At the centre of the vortex pilorum of the upper lip, midway between ventral limit of the nostrils.