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What happened after Washington saw a danger to his nation in this defiance of federal authority?
he called out the militia, 15,000 troops responded, and they gathered in Philadelphia
How was the Whiskey Rebellion caused?
It was caused by resentment felt by western farmers toward a federal excise tax
John Adams wanted to keep the U.S out of war between Britain and France. Who did this anger?
It angered the pro-French Republicans
What 3 things did the Alien and Sedition Acts claim?
1. the time for an alien to become a citizen was extended to 14 years.
2. The president could expel any alien
3. It became illegal to write, print, utter, or publish false scandalous and malicious writing about the government
How did the republicans see the Alien and Sedition Acts?
The republicans saw them as unconstitutional, violating the first amendment.
John Marshall made a decision in Marbury v. Madison. What else did he do?
He established the power of the supreme court to stop an act of congress that violated the constitution.
(The Louisiana Purchase)France offered to sell Louisiana to U.S. for 15 million dollars. What did the territory cover?
Mississippi river to Rocky Mountains, Canada to Texas
The Senate debated a long time over the Lousisian purchase. Did he agree or disagree?
What happened in the Embargo Act?
Great Britain and France took the American ships trading with the enemy. A British warship overtook the American ship "Chesapeake" looking for deserters. The British killed or wounded several Americans.
Who called for the Embargo Act and halted all foreign trade? What happened because of it?
Thomas Jefferson: ships rotted at the dockside and ruined merchants and shippers.
What act resulted because of the Embargo act? The nonintercourse act stated that trade could resume with everyone but who?
Nonintercouse act resulted: England and France
There were many indian problems. What were some of them?
The warhawks blamed Britain for troubles with indians in the west, the settlers of three states pushed indians farther west to Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois: The indian leaders wanted to stop settlers
After Tecumseh and U.S. militia troops fought what was found on the field afterwards?
British weapons