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what was the goal of the american revolution
what was the clearest case of a people altering the political order with violence simply in order to protect their liberties
american revolution
what were the american colonists trying to protect when signing the dec of independce?
the liberties they were entitled to as british subjects
what libiterty did the colonists want cocerning trials?
they wanted to bring there legal cases before truley independent judges rather than the king
what liberty did the colonists want to protect concernning british troops
they didnt want to have british troops quartered in there homes
what liberty did the colonists want concerning trade
to engage in trade without restrictions
what liberty did the colonists want concerning taxes?
they didnt want taxation from a parliment they did not have representation in
durring the ten years of agitation leading up to the war what did most colonists believe?
that they could protect these liberties while remaing apart of the british empire
when the war started wat did a large amount(perhaps not a majority) of colonists believe?
that they would have to be independent from britian to protect their liberties
the colonists had many reasons for wanting independence which one was espaicially important?
tehy no longer had confidence in the english constitution
what was the english constitution made up of
a collection of laws, charters, and traditional understandings that proclaimed the liberties of British subjects
despite the protection the english constitution gave colonists what did they feel about there liberties
that there liberties were regularly violated
THE REv leaders sought an explanation of the insufficeny of the english constitution and found it in
human nature
the rights that king george violated were
unalienable rights
what does unalienable rights mean
based on providence and nature and not on popular influence
how many complaints against george are there in the dec of indepen
how many complaints were there in the original draft
what was the deleted complaint?
about the slave trade
what was the real revolution according to john adams?
radical change in the principals, opinions, and sentiments, and affections of th people.
government by royal perogitive was
legitimate govt would require the concent of who?
the governed
how could political power be exersized
a direct gant of power contained in a written const
liberty was------ govt existed and govt must---- that liberty
what branch should be superior to the executive and why
the legislator becuase people were directly represented
how many governments had been organized like the one the revs were organizing at that time
when did the ARt of Conf go into effect?
the Art of Conf created wat
a leauge of friendship
who didnt show up to take the meaningless job as president under the art of conf
john hancock
what to states went to war during aoc
pennsylvainia and virginia
who threatened to become a part of canada?
what did the strong leaders of the rev war see as essintial
a strong national govt
where and was the const convention held?
philadelphia 1787
Where was thomas jeff in 1787 durring the const conv
which states constitution created the most radically democratic
when was shays rebellion
where was shays rebellion
how man delegates were apart of const conv?
how many active delagates?
about 30
which state refused to send delagates to the const conv
rhode island
which two famous people were serving overseas durring the conv?
thomas jeff and john adams
who was ill during the const conv?
sam adams
who refused to come? adn waht was his quote?
patrick henry something smells like a rat and it smells like monarchy
the virginia plan called for how many branches
was the virginia plan unicameral or bicameral
when did art of conf come into effect?
under the art of conf each state kept what things
soveringty freedom indpendance ervery power, and jursidiction
how many votes did each state get under art of conf?
when was the art of conf approved
nov 15 1777
it took a year for --- states
which two states were holdouts
delaware and maryland
congress was what under a of c
what two branches didnt exist under a of c
executive and judicial
there was a ---- but had no power of a of c
presiding officer
a of c could do what 7 things
1. make treaties 2. borrow $ 3. build a navy 4. make weights and measures 5. post office 7. $ system
what was a major weekness of the art of conf
couldnt tax
how many states did it take to pass a law in a of c
9 out of 13
what where the 5 problems besides couldnt tax
1. no money to coin 2. army was dependent on state militias 3. unable to settle disputes between states 4. no natl judiciary 5. it took 13 out of 13 to ammend
when did the british loosee?
oct 19 1781
how many years did it take for the treaty of pairis
having peace from the british allowed us to
work out govt problems
could the cent govt settle problems between states?
what action did the states take
refused to suport new govt, organized own millitaries, printed own money, and started acting as independt nations
what three economic problems were there?
started taxing each other, printed $ had little backing, and violence broke out
where did shay escape to?
virgina and maryland sent delegates where in 1785 to do what
mt vernon virginia, work out problems
where did the next meeting take place? and who was invited? and when
annapolis, all 13 states sept 1786
who showed up to annapolis
half the states
what was congressional action towards the three meetings
where did const conv meet at
philadelohia independance hall
what where the dates of the const conv
may 25 to sept 17 1787
who where the framers
they grew up out of rev war
who was elected president unanioumsly
george wash
on may 30 who proposed that we through out the a of c
edmund randolph
in virg plan who chose jud?
the legislator
who made up council of revision
the executive and some judicary members
who submitted the new jersy plan?
william patterson
what is the new jersy plan based on?
why was the new jersy plan made
fear of virg plan
how many votes in nj plan
one per state
the new jersy was baisiclly the ---- with key changes
a of conf
the colonial mind believed what about politicians
they were corrupt
what else did the colonial mind believe
in a higher law
what does apportiment mean
the choice of breaking into parts
when was const ratified?
what is the nessary and proper clause?
congress could do anything deemed nessary to
who were the five people who wrote the const
tom jeff ben frank john adams sherman roger robert livingston
name three missing people from const conv
hanckock henry payne
which plan would alow for the veto of state law
virginia plan
who ratified the const
special conventions elected by the people
at the time wash was innagurarted how many states had ratified the const.
what were the anti fed two biggest concerns
too strong natl govt
no bill of rights
the bill of rights was to
limit the central power of the us govt
two states who aopposed counting the slaves as people
RI and MASS northern states
when was slavery allowed to be addressed?
who were framers loyal to?
thier states