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sunset review process
over a cycle of 12 years, each state agency is studied and the legislature decides whether to abolish, merge, or retainit.
public administration
the implementation of public policyby government employees
public employees
elite access
the ability of the business elite to deal directly with high-ranking goverment administrators to avoid meeting regulations
patronage system
hiring friends and supporters as goverment employees without regard to their abilities
merit system
hiring, promoting and firing on the basis of objective criteria such as tests, degrees, experience, and performance
State Board of Education
a popularly elected 15-member bosy with limited authority over Texas's K-12 education system
Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Administers the state's public school system of more than 6,300 schools
commissioner of education
the official who heads TEA
Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS)
a standardized test covering a core curriculum
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
an agency that provides some direction for the state's community colleges and universities
equal opportunity
thakes care that policies and actions do not discriminate
affirmative action
takes postive steps to attract women and minorities; mayinclude using race in admission or hiring decisions
top 10 percent rule
Texas law gives automatic admission to any Texas public college or university to those graduating in the top 10% of their Texas high school class
executive commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission
appointed by the governor with senate approval, this executive commisioner administers the HHSC, develops policies,makes rules,and appoints commmissioners to head the commission's four departments
Temporary assistance for needy families(TANF)
Replaced Aid for falilies with Dependent Childeren (AFDC) in attempt to help poor people move from welfare to the workforce
food stamp program
Joint federal-state program administered by the state to provied food to low-income people
Funded in largest part by federal grants in part by state appropriations,medicaid is administered by the state. It provieds medical care fir persons whose income fall below the poverty line
funded entirely by the federal goverment and administered by the U.S. department of Healt and Human Services, Medicare provides medical assistance to qualified applicants ages 65 and older
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
A state agency headed by 3 salaried commissioners who oversee job training and umemployment compensation programs
Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC)
a popularly elected, 3 membered commission primarily engaged in regulating natural gas and petroleum production
Public Utility Commission (PUC)
A 3 membered body with regulatory power over the electric amd telephone companies
The elimination of goverment restrictions to allow freemarket competition to determine or limit the actions of individuals and corporations
commissioner of insurance
appointed by the governor,the commissioner heads the Texas Department of insurance, which is responsible for ensuring the industry's financial soundness and protecting policyholders
Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
Headed by a commission, the department maintains almost 80,000 miles of roads and highways and promotes highway safty
Texas Parks and Wildlife Depr
Texas agency that runs state parks abd regulates hunting,fishing,and boating
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
The state agency that coordinates Texas's enviromental protection efforts
“red tape”
are the rules that the bureaucrats must follow it slows the process down and prevents employees from making the decisions that go against the rules
Number of fulltime state employees
120 full-time state employees for every 10,000 citizens
Equitable treatment
the fair treatment of women and blacks
those are independent school discticts there are about 1,040 shoulder primary responsible for delivery of educational services to more than 4 mill students
Public v charter schools
public schools have a strict cirriculum that is set by the state while a charter school is more flexible in there cirriculum and with the people they hire
Texas Essential of knowlage and skills cirriculum for its subject and grade
Flagship universities
are large colleges that have numerous campus and are widely known they are prestigious and have great political power
Closing the Gap initiative
is somthing that requires the flag ship schools to increas their minority enrollment whather it be with scholarships or by affirmative action
Poverty TX v. US
the Tx leg consol. 12 agiences in to one big one texans also believe in selfreilance and makeing it harder to get funding for welfare while some programs get lost of help those who dont get much lobbying are then taken care of by the state
Lone Star Card
was started to reduce the fraud of people using food stamps who didn't need them this is a replacement for the paper stamps used for such purchases with a card
women, infents & children this provieds a delivery system for food packages, nutritional counseling and health care screening
Aquired immunodeficiency syndrome this is passed exchanging body fluieds of an infrected person or by using drug needles that have already been used
"agency capture”
this is when a regulated industry exerts excessive influence over an agency intended to regulate it
"file-and-use” system
insurers are free to set their rates, but the commissioner of insurence is authorized to order reductions & refunds if the rates are determined to be excessive
Toll roads
a road that the county or city requires you to pay a price to travel on that strip of road the money help to pay for the construction and for other things
is the 3rd largest industry in Texas, this envolves Rv's and camping sits & hiking opportunities