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Six basic principles of Federal constitution
1.popular sovereignty
2. limited government
3. separation of powers
4. checks and balances
5. judicial review
6. Federalism
Government must obey the law and act in constitutional principles
Government is subject to the law, never above it
Rule of Law
A power assigned to someone
Doesn't go with what Constitution says
Article 6, Section 2 - Government and Constitution are supreme law of the land
Supremacy clause
A change or addition to something
Changes content to constitution
Formal amendment
Procedure to have an amendment
Proposal ratification
Requires 2/3 vote of each house of Congress (House and Senate)
Requires 3/4 vote of state legislatures
1791, authored by Jefferson, first 10 amendments of Constitution
Bill of Rights
Freedom of press, speech, assembly, religion
1st amendment
No quartering of troops during peacetime
3rd amendment
No unreasonable search and seizure
4th amendment
Cannot be forced to testify against onself, cannot be brought up on double jeopardy
5th amendment
Right to a speedy trial
6th amendment
No cruel or unusual punishment, excessive fines
8th amendment
Any power or law not granted to federal government or denied to the states is left up to the state to decide. Example: educational system
10th amendment - Reserved powers
Outlaws slavery
13th amendment
Gives citizenship to all and equal protection of rights (males only)
14th amendment
Right to vote for all males
15th amendment
Income tax is legal
16th amendment
Direct election of senators
17th amendment
Prohibition - Legal level is 1/2 of 1% alcohol or 1 proof
18th amendment
Womens right to vote
19th amendment
Congress start date changes from 3/3 to 1/3. Inauguration of Pres. from 3/20 to 1/20
20th amendment
Repeals prohibition
21st amendment
2 term limit for presidents
22nd amendment
No poll tax
24th amendment
1. If vacancy for president, VP moves up.
2. If vacancy for VP, President appoints one w/ approval of the Senate
3. If pres is unable to perform, VP becomes temporary president
4. If VP & Cabinet feel Pres is not able to perform, VP can take over
25th Amendment
18 year olds may vote
26th amendment
Changes intent of Constitution
Informal amendment
5 Ways an informal amendment can happen
1. Basic legislation (passing of laws)
2. Executive action (action by pres)
3. Court decisions
4. Party practices
5. Customs and tradition